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The bioethanol fireplace – the trendy eye-catcher in the room

Whether you want a custom-made fireplace, renovate your existing fireplace or are looking for an out-of-the-box solution, the bioethanol fireplace would definitely meet your needs.

There are many bioethanol fireplaces that are incredibly versatile and give you total flexibility to create what you want with no hassle or limitation. Now let’s look at the different designs.


One popular type of bioethanol fireplace is the burner. There are many different models of the bioethanol powered burner. Their designs are completely self-contained, which makes them the perfect choice for anyone who wants a unique fireplace design at home.

Take a look at our pictures and be inspired by the simple lines of the fireplace series. You can choose between a long, continuous flame or a series of linear flames. Our bioethanol burners accentuate any design – indoors or outdoors!

Bio wall fireplace made of stainless steel ethanol stove

Bio wall fireplace made of stainless steel

Bio fireplace with triangular bioethanol burner stove

Bio fireplace with triangular burner

Elegant wall fireplace in white bioethanol fireplace

Elegant wall fireplace in white

Effective electric fireplace-ethanol stove

Effective electric fireplace

Colored standing fireplace bioethanol fireplace

Colored standing fireplace

Hemispherical fireplace in eclectic decor - bioethanol fireplace

Hemispherical fireplace in an eclectic interior


Many designer fireplaces can be found under the pictures. These bioethanol powered designer fireplaces are freestanding pieces of furniture that make the open fire look so simple. Add the beauty of an open fire to your ambience, move it from room to room, or take it with you when you move.

One advantage of this portable fireplace is that it does not need a flue pipe or chimney for its quick installation.

Hemispherical wall fireplace in black bioethanol fireplace

Hemispherical wall fireplace in black

Hemispherical wall-mounted bioethanol fireplace

Hemispherical wall fireplace

Fireplace kit in luxury home bioethanol fireplace

Fireplace in luxury home

Fireplace system in the integrated cabinet bioethanol fireplace

Fireplace system in the integrated cupboard

Round table-top ethanol stove

Round table fireplace

Storage stove in a modern design bioethanol stove

Storage stove in a modern design


The diverse collection of fireplace inserts is ideal for wall and furniture installations. You can also convert existing fireplaces into beautiful bioethanol fireplaces. Installation is a breeze and requires no preparation.

The extensive range allows you to create the design according to your taste and to select exactly the fireplace that corresponds to your personal ideas.

Standing fireplace as a coffee table bioethanol fireplace

Standing fireplace as a coffee table

Wall-mounted bioethanol fireplace without a chimney

Wall fireplace

Standing fireplace in black bioethanol stove

Standing fireplace in black

Portable fireplaces for outdoors - bioethanol fireplace

Portable fireplaces for outdoors

portable fireplaces-bioethanol stove

portable chimneys

Wall fireplace in black ethanol stove

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