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The chair cushions – comfortable and functional living accessories

Today we want to share how you can refresh your facility on a tight budget. The soft and comfortable chair cushions bring color and liveliness to your living room as well as your bedroom. So you can also beautify the chairs in the garden.

Read on and see the pictures for inspiring designs with the chair cushions.

The seat cushions are practical, a great living accessory and make contact with the hard seat easier. They are offered in different shapes, sizes and designs as well as made of different fabrics. Chosen correctly, they will turn into an essential part in your home design.

Knitted pillow with backrest chair cushion

Knitted pillow with backrest

They could often go unnoticed under the table, but this can be arranged.

The seat cushions with backrests support the spine and are extremely comfortable. As a decoration, they can be designed very easily and match the color of the home decor.

Vintage wooden chair cushion

Vintage wooden chair

You could experiment with colors and set contrasts, because they create atmosphere. In this way you could choose a center point in the room and emphasize it.

Imagine a tan bedroom with dark brown upholstered sofas. There is a yellow decorative cushion on the accompanying chair.

For the garden we have a chic selection that can make every garden chair a favorite place. Whether made of cotton, felt or neoprene, they will always surprise and delight your guests.

Blue seat cushion Ghost chair modern-chair-chair cushion

Blue seat cushion on ghost chair

Vintage felt cushion chair cushions

Vintage felt pillow

Shabby chic cushions garden furniture chair cushions

Shabby chic cushions for the garden furniture

Chic chic seat cushions, garden furniture chair cushions

Chic seat cushions for the garden furniture

Rocking chair vintage chair cushion

Rocking chair vintage

Rocking chair polka dot black and white chair cushion

Rocking chair with seat cushions in a dot pattern

Patchwork seat cushions colorful chair cushions

Patchwork on colorful seat cushions

Mustache cushion decoration idea chair cushion

Chair cushion in the shape of a mustache

Modern chair cushion in pink chair cushions

Modern chair cushion in pink

Midcentury furnishing modern chair cushions

Midcentury interior with a modern touch

Linen cushion, wooden chair cushion

Linen cushion for the wooden chair

Cushions with plaid chair cushions

Checkered pillow

Green cushion with backrest chair cushion

Green pillow also on the backrest

Colorful pillow decor ideas-chair cushions

Colorful pillows – great decoration idea

Have you already viewed our collection? Which pillow is your favorite?

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