The Chinese horoscope 2017 – the year of the Fire Rooster

According to the Chinese calendar, the year of the Fire Rooster begins on January 28th. It ends on February 15, 2018. What does it bring us? What personal expectations and social challenges can we expect in the next 12 months? We want to explain that today in the following lines.

It is certain that the Fire Rooster has a strong character, that is a fiery nature and he will definitely bring many surprises for all zodiac signs.

The fire rooster is proud and always wants to keep track of things. But he really likes to be admired all the time. He has a lot of energy and that can be very beneficial for all of us. We are starting the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster with new motivation and interesting resolutions. This is also a meaningful year for anyone involved in politics. This is the best opportunity for you to reconsider problems from last year and find better solutions. Politicians must always try not to lose track of the whole situation.


Learn from old mistakes made in the last year and start the new one full of energy!

From the beginning of spring 2017, people will act more actively, as the Chinese horoscope of the Fire Rooster shows. There are new opportunities for rapid professional advancement for everyone who is able to work. You are confronted with new, unexpected and very tempting offers and thus overloaded. You do not need to act in a hurry, but rather think everything through well and choose the best for yourself. Keep your philosophical overview of all changes in life.


Signing new contracts and realizing interesting projects is what you can expect in the year of the Rooster!

Since the Fire Rooster likes to be the focus of all attention, it will expect the same from you. Express your independence this year! Experiment more often and think about certain changes in your look right away! Completely new outfits and a new haircut are now in demand.

In the year of the Rooster of Fire, every intellectual activity is required. Artists and scientists can only benefit from this, because with them every project will work out well and every resolution will be realized excellently. Success and a lot of money await you if you invent or discover something new. You can’t get filthy rich all at once, but in 2017 you will enjoy stability in the financial sphere.


Spend as much time as possible in the fresh air, in the mountains for example!

The latter applies to all zodiac signs. In addition, you do not need to plan your long-awaited vacation precisely. The fire rooster will certainly offer you many opportunities to really recover and relax. The most sought-after vacation spots this year will be in the middle of nature. Mountain tourism, forest walks and every stay in the country are in again! People also rely on good and healthy nutrition, on food that comes directly from nature. Genoa like the rooster!

Mountain holidays enjoy the contact and admire the great outdoors

Enjoy close contact with the great outdoors!

The fire rooster is characterized by his loyalty and honesty and this year he brings a lot of sensitivity in his private life. New acquaintances and contacts await you, some will be fateful. If you are already married or in a committed relationship, there is no way you will experience dull hours in the year of the Fire Rooster. But on the contrary! Your spouse will pleasantly surprise you with something small every day. But don’t forget, the Fire Rooster helps those who know exactly how to help themselves. If you let yourself be guided by this postulate for the next 12 months, you will be able to judge your life as happy and successful at the end of the year. Problems and unpleasant surprises will stay far away from you.

This is what we want to wish you in the year of the Rooster!


Plan your long-awaited family vacation this summer!


Being with friends and enjoying good, healthy food, what more could you ask for?


A vacation in the mountains is good for you!

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