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The Christmas rose delights us in winter with its white, delicate flowers

Despite wintry frost and extremely cold outside, there are still some flowers that please the eye and soul in the cold season. These belong to the genus Helleborus and bloom from January to April. Despite the bad weather outside, we do not want to and must not do without their natural beauty, because these flowers cheer us up and bring a lot of charm into our four walls or decorate the winter garden outside.
Today we want to draw our attention to a certain species, namely to report in a little more detail about the Christmas rose.


The delicate white flowers of the Christmas rose are not afraid of cold and frost

Interesting facts about the Christmas rose

Like all other Helleborus species, the Christmas rose (still called snow rose) is very long-lived. It can delight you for decades with its beautiful, white flowers. The best time to plant is in October. Outside in the garden you can group the Christmas rose with other perennials or spring flowers and get a noble appearance a few months later. But if you want to plant them in a tub or pot, you need tall flower pots, because the Christmas rose develops a deep root system. The best soil mix would be potted plant soil and loamy garden soil. But it is imperative that you ensure good drainage.

Christmas rose-in-the-pot

The Christmas rose looks delightfully beautiful in the pot

blooming winter christmas roses

It brings elegance and charm to your interior

Many garden fans want to implement the white beauty in the garden shortly after Christmas. This is of course possible, but you have to choose the right location for your Christmas roses there. A place where it is dry and shady in summer would be recommended. The delicate flower does not like the warm temperatures and should not be exposed to them. This also applies to their care at home. The best location for the snow rose would be a cool bedroom or conservatory.

Christmas rose decorating

Outside in the garden, the snow rose is the absolute eye-catcher in winter

Even in December, the Christmas rose can brighten up your interior and become a blooming pot ornament at home. Be careful, however, as the white beauty is very poisonous and must be kept away from young children and pets. In addition, the delicate flower does not like the dry room air, is sensitive to waterlogging and, in principle, needs to be properly cared for.


The Christmas rose beautifies every winter with its splendor of flowers


Christmas rose vase

The wide-open, bright white cupped flowers defy snow and cold and keep their splendor until the beginning of spring

flower-arrangement-christ-roses-moss-twigs-pine cones

Frost-resistant and easy to care for, the Christmas rose thanks you for all your worries thanks to its magnificent blossoms

And do you perhaps know why the Christmas rose is called that and what does it mean?

Trying to cultivate these beautiful flowers so that they bloom just for Christmas looks back on a long tradition. An old legend tells of the actual origin of their name. It is as follows: A poor shepherd wanted to go to Bethlehem, but had no present for Baby Jesus and was very sad. But in winter he couldn’t find any flowers on his way. Then he cried and his tears fell to the earth. Surprisingly, they developed beautiful white flowers that looked like roses. The shepherd picked them and brought the magnificent flowers to the baby Jesus as a gift.

Surely there is something of this legend in our efforts to decorate the festive table for Christmas with these delicate white roses these days. We try to arrange the Christmas roses in such a way that they serve as an eye-catcher in every Christmas decoration. Because with their blossoms they brighten our everyday life and make the winter more pleasant!


Decorate the Christmas table and admire the beauty of the Christmas roses!

Christmas rose pot fireplace shabby chic style portrait

The snow roses go wonderfully with an interior in a rustic or shabby chic style.

christmas rose

Winter beauty that one could dream of


The flowers bring their natural flair into the house


Arranged in a vase, the Christmas roses steal the show!

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