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The clever way to your own home and what to watch out for

There is nothing like a cozy home, full of peace and serenity. You feel comfortable and in good hands in the cozy home atmosphere. Unfortunately, the desire to have a home of their own remains an unfulfilled dream for millions of people around the world. Because many fail on the way to its realization due to financial hurdles or to high personal demands that are far removed from the real housing situation in this country. So that nothing gets in the way of your goodwill to build or finish a house, you must first be clear about what you can afford. The question of all the questions you have to answer is: How much house can I afford? To help you, we have summarized important information and practical tips in this post. Below, we’ll show you a few clever steps you can take to get closer to your own home and even save some money in the process.

Your dream of a cozy home may soon come true.

Traum vom eigenen Zuhause realisieren nach Angeboten suchen recherchieren

  • Step by step to buying your own home

Do you finally want to put an end to rising rental prices and annoying landlords? Then you are ready to start your own home. You certainly do not yet know the path that will lead you to your goal. Buying your own home is one of the most important moments in everyone’s life. Therefore, this act has to be carefully considered and planned. Yes, we agree, it looks a bit complicated and confusing if you don’t have a specific plan in mind. However, if you’ve already made the decision to have your own home, the steps outlined here will definitely help you.

How much house can you afford? Do you want a big or small house?

Traum vom eigenen Zuhause realisieren ein großes oder ein kleines Haus erwerben

  • First of all, you need to know how much house you can afford. How big should your home be and which residential area would you like best. Then come the finances – bank loans and loan terms. You can find out in advance how much you can allow a month to repay your construction or purchase loan. The online house calculator can help you here. This will help you determine the purchase price you can afford for a property. You can go step by step and also calculate the incidental purchase costs, including brokerage and notary fees. From the available equity to the final price of your new home, you can calculate everything online and get good advance information about your future expenses. The online budget calculator gives you the maximum purchase price of the property you want. This shows how much your home can cost, that is, you cannot exceed this budget! So you know what you can afford!

You can calculate the purchase price of your desired property online.

Traum vom eigenen Zuhause realisieren den Kaufpreis der gewünschten Immobilie online berechnen

  • The financial framework determined in this way is particularly important for your next step, namely for researching a suitable property. Now you know at which price level you can treat yourself to a house. Depending on that, you can set certain criteria for your house search. First research the purchase offers online on real estate portals or in the classifieds in newspapers. You can check with friends and acquaintances before visiting a real estate agent.
  • Allow enough time for sightseeing, preferably in daylight! Take tools with you such as notepad, pen, camera, etc. It is advisable to always hear an expert opinion about the property you have viewed.
  • The next step is bank financing. Although you are already clear, it is advisable to obtain a few offers and compare them. So you will definitely choose the best.

Before you sign the sales contract, you should carefully check all documents.

Traum vom eigenen Zuhause realisieren alle Dokumente genau überprüfen dann den Kaufvertrag unterschreiben

Our extra advice: When buying a property, you always have to deal with a lot of documents. You should read these carefully and check them in order to avoid possible mistakes. Only then can you sign the sales contract.

Many people dream of a house in the country. You too?

Traum vom eigenen Zuhause realisieren ein schönes großes Haus im Grünen

  • How can you save on buying your own home?

It is clear to all of us that building or buying property is a very expensive undertaking these days. Therefore the question is justified: Can you save something? Yes, there are such ways to save hard cash. First and foremost, you can fall back on savings and thus include equity in the financing. Then you logically have to take less money from the bank than credit and pay back lower monthly payments. But those who do not have their own financial means can use subsidies and apply for child benefit. The state also does a lot to help build or buy your home. Find out more about the existing funding programs. There is also a good savings tip. You can save the real estate transfer tax by just buying the property. This is another clever way to save hard cash.

Or do you prefer to live in the city?

Traum vom eigenen Zuhause realisieren lieber in der Stadt wohnen

Last but not least, we want to warn you that brokerage costs are usually very high. These are calculated as a percentage of the purchase price of the property. While notary fees are required by law in Germany, the brokerage costs can vary between 3 and 6% based on the property purchase price. You can decide for yourself whether you need a real estate agent or want to save a certain amount.

We wish you every success in your search for your new property and many happy years in your cozy home!

Enjoy the cosiness, warmth and tranquility of your own home!

Traum vom eigenen Zuhause realisieren Gemütlichkeit Wärme Ruhe zuhause genießen

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