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The contrasting kitchen island and the visual effect of it in the modern kitchen

Everyone who deals with interior design and room design is well informed: Every room at home is important and has to fulfill certain functions that are only assigned to it. Despite this attitude, the kitchen is becoming the heart of the house in many households. All family members do not only come together there to eat. In the kitchen, people talk while cooking and at the table and spend many hours together. That is why it is important to make the kitchen modern, practical and inviting. It would be perfect if you could furnish them according to the latest kitchen trends. A contrasting kitchen island is definitely one of them. This is exactly what we are focusing on today! It would be interesting to know what materials and colors modern kitchen islands are made of and why they contrast with the rest of the kitchen furnishings. We also report on the visual effect of this contrast! Are you curious? Then stick with it!

A contrasting kitchen island is undoubtedly one of the cool trends in kitchen design

kontrastierende Kücheninsel sehr moderne Küche minimalistisch gestaltet weißes Ambiente schwarze Kücheninsel

It definitely turns into a great eye-catcher in the kitchen, doesn’t it?

kontrastierende Kücheninsel Weiß und Dunkelblau im Kontrast richtiger Blickfang drei Hocker Metallakzente Hängelampen

The contrasting kitchen island immediately catches the eye and is a great eye-catcher

What exactly does a contrasting kitchen island mean? On the one hand, this piece of kitchen furniture differs in color from the rest of the kitchen equipment. It doesn’t always have to be in stark visual contrast with the kitchen cabinets to attract attention. It can be done in the same color scheme as the kitchen cabinets, but in a completely different style. For example, you can incorporate a super chic kitchen island into a retro kitchen design. Of course, the island then catches the eye and quickly turns into an eye-catcher in the kitchen. Or the other way around: For example, you have a very modern kitchen, in which case you opt for a country-house style kitchen. Of course, the visual difference is then strong. When it comes to the style of the kitchen island, there are numerous design options available to you. From rustic to minimalist to modern, everything would be suitable to achieve a visual contrast

The retro wooden table is transformed into a contrasting island in this white kitchen.

kontrastierende Kücheninsel weiße Küche alter Holztisch im Retro Stil als Blickfang Holzhocker Holzbecken unter dem Tisch

It is hard to imagine a more elegant contrasting kitchen island!

kontrastierende Kücheninsel sehr elegante Gestaltung Insel in warmem Braun optischer Kontrast zu der restlichen Kücheneinrichtung

Which materials and colors characterize the contrasting kitchen island?

Not only the stylistic contrast is possible. The materials used to make the kitchen island can also contrast this piece of furniture with the rest of the kitchen. This is not about common materials like wood and wooden panels. A marble kitchen island, for example, is sure to make a strong impression in any kitchen. And what would you say if the kitchen island were made of stone or concrete? Even just a concrete kitchen countertop is immediately noticeable and makes all the difference. It looks particularly elegant when the kitchen island plate differs from other kitchen furniture in terms of the materials used. One made of marble or concrete would make 100% a whole new visual effect.

This very chic kitchen island stands out without disturbing the rest of the kitchen design.

kontrastierende Kücheninsel aus beige Marmor weiße Wände Holzregale dunkle Küchenschränke

However, the color of the kitchen island differs from the rest of the kitchen design

kontrastierende Kücheninsel in warmem Braun restliche Küchengestaltung in Beige mit Glanzeffekt

The dark wooden floor is in visual contrast to the kitchen island.

kontrastierende Kücheninsel dunkler Holzboden helle Insel Küchenschränke visueller Kontrast

The color contrast is certainly the easiest, as we can vary the color design in the kitchen, but also in every other room. A contrasting kitchen island, for example, can be a completely different color than the kitchen cabinets. Often, however, both are in harmony with color and contrast with the walls or floor. In general, one can say that earthy tones dominate in the kitchen. Everything in the palette of natural colors is suitable here – from white to beige, gray and the rich brown tones. Modern kitchens look attractive in bright nuances, for example in purple, orange yellow or wine red. You can then use a white contrasting kitchen island to compliment the color scheme and weld it together. Very often one decides on a kitchen island plate, the color of which is very different from the island. For example, you choose white and black, light gray and anthracite or beige and dark brown. This contrast can also freshen up the whole kitchen design.

The stark visual contrast between black and white is evident.

kontrastierende Kücheninsel in Schwarz dazu eine weiße Platte starker visuelle Kontrast

kontrastierende Kücheninsel weiße Platte schwarze Insel weiße Metro Fliesen dunkle Hocker

The blue kitchen island inscribes itself well into the light gray kitchen design.

kontrastierende Kücheninsel in Blau hellgraues Küchendesign schwacher visueller Kontrast

Take a few more minutes and look at all the picture examples in our gallery. They are sure to be very inspiring. Do you also want a contrasting kitchen island?

You can also highlight the contrasting kitchen island with beautiful decorations or hanging lamps.

kontrastierende Kücheninsel Holzhocker Hängelampe Obstschale bringen die Insel hervor

kontrastierende Kücheninsel aus weißem Marmor sehr moderne Küchengestaltung Kontrast mit den schwarzen Küchenschränken eingebaute Küchengeräte

kontrastierende Kücheninsel die Marmorplatte erfrischt das Küchendesign viel Tageslicht Holzhocker im Vordergrund

kontrastierende Kücheninsel dunkle Basis weiße Platte Obstschale in Dunkelrot als Hingucker

The contrasting kitchen island in retro look exudes a lot of cosiness.

kontrastierende Kücheninsel in Retro Look viel Gemütlichkeit ausstrahlen viel Holz grüne Fliesen

kontrastierende Kücheninsel aus beige Marmor weiße Wände Holzregale dunkle Küchenschränke 1

kontrastierende Kücheninsel schicke sehr moderne Küche offenes Design Blick in den Garten

kontrastierende Kücheninsel in Dunkelgrün mit weißer Platte Kaffeeservice Hocker eingebaute Regale

kontrastierende Kücheninsel weißes Küchendesign sehr modern schwarze Insel aus Marmor Hocker schicke Gestaltung

kontrastierende Kücheninsel alter Holzschrank in Retrostil umfunktionieren in die Mitte stellen Kontrast

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