The cut flowers and their proper care

Every flower arrangement looks fresh and charming. The natural beauty of the flowers is also carried over into the interior. But how can you keep the cut flowers fresh for a long time? Every type of plant is different. Today we want to give you useful tips for the proper care of some favorite varieties:

  1. lilac
Flower arrangement to keep lilac bouquet fresh for a long time

Dip the lilac stem ends briefly in hot water and then place in the vase

The best time to pick the lilac branches is early in the morning. It is best to choose branches whose flowers are only up to two thirds open.

Put the lilac bouquet in the water by adding a little potassium or a drop of boric acid. Keep your lilac branches in a cool place.

How can you revive the bouquet a bit? Simply soak the stems in hot water for 2 hours. It is not a must to change the water every day. All you have to do is dip an ice cube into the water.

The lilac branches can hold out for up to two weeks.

  1. Tulips
Spring flowers tulips pink bouquet vase

The shelf life of the tulips is extended every day with an ice cube in the flower water

Unfortunately, these beautiful spring flowers don’t last very long. In order to be able to have them in the house for as long as possible and to enjoy their beauty longer, you can choose a cool storage location without direct sunlight.

Put the tulips in cold water to freshen up once every 2-3 days.

  1. lily of the valley
Cut flower fresh corn bells bouquet

When picking: it’s better to pluck the corn bells, not cut them off

You would need a low vase for the lilies of the valley, otherwise their stems will suffice and wither. A little vinegar is added to the water.

When you pick, however, be careful to keep the short stem of these delicate flowers intact. This will keep them fresh longer.

  1. Chrysanthemums
Chrysanthemum cut flowers care durable

The chrysanthemums like it hot

The chrysanthemums can keep fresh for a long time. Before placing them in the water, the flower stalks are cut along. It is also a good idea to remove the leaves on the stem.

This type of plant likes fresh, lukewarm water. Therefore change it every day. You can add a little vinegar to this: 1 tbsp per liter. The chrysanthemums are ideally kept in light-flooded, well-ventilated rooms.

  1. Freesia
Freesia buds bunch vase cut flowers popular

Cut the stems of the fragrant freesias with a knife so that they can absorb more water

The freesias native to South Africa should stand in the water for their entire length. The flowers usually last up to 6-8 days. Although the water is not polluted, it is now changed twice. Cut the stem of the freesia again and add 3% sugar to the water.

  1. Cyclamen
Cyclamen Cyclamen Cut Flowers Care

The cyclamen as cut flowers are particularly durable

For a longer life, you’d better pluck the cyclamen, so don’t cut them off! Only then should you cut off the stem and put it in cool water. Little trick: do not take out the flowers when changing the water! Keep the water level low: only a quarter of the stem should be completely submerged. A little sugar in the water helps to keep the cut flowers fresh for a long time. The cyclamen do not like to be kept in a vase with other flowers.

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