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The dining table – the most important piece of furniture for family life at home

The dining table is basically a much used piece of furniture, usually it has to offer space for a lot of people and still look good. Together with the chairs, lights and decorative items, it can become the favorite place of the whole family. Do you like unusual dining tables that are a real eye-catcher and shape the room design? Today we are going to show you some such models. Of course we also show common dining table designs.

Now it goes with the Designer tables continue!

Maple wood dining table Luxury furniture dining tables

Maple dining table in a luxurious interior

The shape of the dining table

Would you choose a round, square or oval table for your living and dining room? Note how many people will be using this table at one time. If the number is big, the oval table would be the best solution for you. With the square table you can use the available floor space. However, a conversation atmosphere is created better on the round table. If your kitchen isn’t particularly spacious, you can order an extendable dining table or a folding table.

Another thing you should think about: the classic tables stand on four legs, but there are also those with a single foot in the middle of the table. What would make more sense for you?

Simple white dining table and Eames chairs in modern kitchen dining tables

Simple white dining table and Eames chairs in a modern kitchen

The dining table material

The selection is not easy at all, so you should think carefully about the purchase. Dining tables are made of wood, metal and glass, but your preference will determine the choice. Just think about how you imagine your new dining table: elegant and upscale, coarse and rustic or plain and simple? That would help you choose.

Solid wood table in modern design dining tables

Solid wood table in a modern design

The wooden and solid wood dining tables are very popular with homeowners. The imposing exterior creates a cozy atmosphere. You could of course paint the wooden table in a different color. A shabby chic ambience, for example, would not look authentic without a white lacquered dining table.

Bright dining room with wood-burning dining tables

Bright dining room with wood stove

Tables made of glass or metal appear elegant, cool and sleek. The glass-stainless steel combination is also very well known.

Italian dining chairs Chandelier made of driftwood Dining table high gloss finish dining tables

Italian dining chairs, chandeliers made of driftwood, dining table with high gloss surface

Design options

Many dining tables and chairs come on the market as ready-made sets. But you could also choose chairs in a different color or made of a different material. Of course, you can even opt for chairs with completely different designs. This could look fancy, nevertheless your dining area will look unique this way. You can set up the other seating furniture in the room in the same style and color.

Wooden table in designer kitchen dining tables

Wooden table in designer kitchen

By the way: There is a standard height of 74 to 78 cm (top edge) for dining tables. Ideally, there should be a distance of around 30 cm between the height of the seat and the top edge of the table. Height-adjustable dining tables are also offered on the market.

Modern wooden table on hardwood floor dining tables

Modern wooden table on hardwood floor

Rustic table made of solid wood dining tables

Rustic table made of solid wood

Rustic dining table made of solid wood dining tables

Rustic dining table made of solid wood

Round table in rustic style-dining tables

Round table in a rustic style

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