The Divers Lung Tester How It Works

The first thing you need to know about the Divers Lung Tester is how it works. A diver will need to blow into a small tube to see if their lungs are damaged. Once they are underwater, they will need to perform the same test again. The purpose of the Divers Lung Tester is to prevent a diver from drowning, so the device will help them decide if they need to go back for a re-dive.

The test is done on a healthy adult by a physician who can also order an exercise pulmonary function test. This test can be used to assess a person’s diving fitness. It can detect pulmonary disease so it is important to use a valid reference list for a diver’s exam. There are several different reference sets, and each has different cut-off values and sex corrections.

While there are different levels of breathing capacity in divers, the majority of people have enough air to breathe. When this air is not enough, they will experience breathing problems. Divers may have a compromised respiratory system that can lead to diving sickness. The diver should know how to manage this breathing condition by taking proper precautions. Common sense may not be the best approach. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up disqualifying yourself.

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