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The Feng Shui Bagua – furnishing tips for each of the living areas

The bagua of Feng Shui serves as a practical guide for setting up and designing. It divides a house, an apartment and a room into 9 zones. A desk can also be divided into these 9 zones with the help of the bagua. Each of the zones symbolizes a certain area of ​​life that can be optimized and strengthened with practical aids.


The easiest way to use the bagua is to use the front door. The slightly more complicated but more precise variant is the orientation according to the cardinal points. In the first case, the lower edge of the bagua (knowledge, career and helpful friends zone) is placed at the side of the main entrance. In the second case, the cardinal points and the Bagua zones are determined as precisely as possible with a compass from the center of the house, apartment or room.

If you want to specifically improve one of the 9 areas of life, you can consciously support the respective zone with Feng Shui measures. Ideally, one optimizes the zone of the apartment and the house. If that is not possible, you can promote the zones in one or more rooms. If that is the case, you should pay attention to the appropriate use of the space. This means that if you want to strengthen the partnership and improve relationships, for example, you should optimize the partnership zone in the bedroom and not this in the home office. Conversely, to activate the career, the career zone in the home office should be strengthened rather than this in the bedroom.

You can find out which design and furnishing measures are best for which area of ​​your four walls from the tips and pictures in our picture gallery. Have fun with the targeted promotion of the areas of life in your house, apartment or room!

Upper edge of the bagua with the zones wealth, Fame and partnership

Middle edge of the bagua with the zones family, Tai chi and children

Lower edge of the bagua with the zones knowledge, Career and Helpful friends












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