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The floating flower pot LYFE – a great accent in the modern apartment

Since ancient times people have been thinking more and more optimistically about the future. Years ago, planes, computers, cell phones were just an artistic idea in the books of the fantasists. It’s always fascinating when the fantasies of that time come true today. And even more so, they are an integral part of our everyday life. The next day after Isaac Newton described universal gravity, the question arose of how it could be overcome. And we ask the question a little differently – how can you overcome gravity in the interior and set a charming accent in the room?

Decoration idea outdoors flower pot levitation ornamental grass

The simple ornamental grass goes perfectly with the free-floating LYFE flower pot

Quite simply – with the floating LYFE flower pot. It looks like it has come from the future and creates a modern and fantastic look in the room. Its stylish look with neutral colors and clear lines is reminiscent of the Scandinavian style, which can be ideally inscribed in any ambience. The pot consists of an oak foundation and a white silicone vessel. The cool effect of floating freely is achieved by means of magnets in both components. The magnetic field allows the vessel to float over the foundation, transforming the usual flower pot into an undisputed eye-catcher.

Kitchen decoration floating basil flower pot

Planting basil in the air – a great eye-catcher in the kitchen

You can plant a smaller houseplant in it, choose the right location in your home, and enjoy the scientific effect for hours. LYFE needs electricity to activate the electromagnetic field and fits just as well in the kitchen, living room or outdoors. Its small size allows you to change its location often to suit your taste. You can complement the simple look of the flower pot with an old rope or create a more natural look with natural stones or shells.

Living room decoration ideas levitating flower pots

The white dodecagon is ideal for your young plants

The floating flower pot LYFE is a great decoration idea that carries the imaginative spirit of the future. It would be an original and exquisite present for your friends or business partners. And it’s definitely not an item to hide in a drawer. See for yourself how science, design and the future intertwine in this great levitating pot. Enjoy the effect and admire the LIFE flower pot! We hope you enjoy browsing through our picture gallery!

Dodecagon flower pot in white LYFE Levitation

The levitating objects always appear futuristic

modern decoration floating flowerpot LYFE Design 2016

The modern look of the floating flower pot gives the ambience a modern look

Marble foundation Design Trend 2016 levitating flower pot with succulent

All kinds of natural stones go well with the wooden foundation of the levitating LYFE pot

Zero gravitaion decoration idea modern apartment tendency in the interior 2016

Simple succulents complement the geometric effect of the dodecagon

Outdoor decoration idea Succulent floating flower pot LYFE

A great floating green oasis outdoors

Table top levitation white pot dodecagon oak

The coiled cord is a romantic addition to the floating flower pot

Mini Orhidee Deko Trend 2016 Levitation

Growing mini orchids in a futuristic way

Flower planting tips white pot polygon

The usual potting soil is used for the flowers in the levitating pot

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