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The green lungs of the apartment

In our modern society, most of the time is spent in front of the computer, in closed work and living rooms, where the air quality is often not particularly good. The pure, oxygen-rich air of the great outdoors is hardly to be found in the big city. But people bring this fresh air absolutely in order to stay healthy and fit for work. That is why it has recently become so fashionable to get an air purifier that filters the air in the office or in your own four walls a little fresher and purer. But nature has a much better solution to the problem with poor indoor air. It is much quieter and yet much cheaper than any electric air purifier. This simpler and also beautiful solution is called – houseplants!

Indoor plants are something wonderful because they radiate subtle energy and are an essential ingredient in the beauty of any room. Some of them have a special power of their leaves than just converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. They clean the air by absorbing the pollutants and toxic chemicals that occur there and filtering them off without any problems.

We would be happy to tell you which these houseplants are!

The Areca palm is very popular as a houseplant because it is not that expensive to care for. It feels comfortable in a warm, but still partially shaded location. The Areca Palm ensures a significant improvement in the indoor air by lowering the formaldehyde level, which is increased by many household products and items, such as insulation and shopping bags.

Areca palm house plants

Areca palm

Another effective air filter is the snake plant. It’s also known as the mother-in-law’s tongue, most likely because of its sharp, pointy leaves that grow upward. It’s also easy to look after and requires little sunlight, water, and attention.

Snake plant houseplants

Snake plant

The Efeutute is a climbing plant that not only purifies the air, but also helps against irritated and tired eyes. Next to the computer at the work place, where there is no direct sun but it is still very bright, it will feel good and its beneficial effects will spread. This houseplant does not require oxygen, making it the perfect plant for the bedroom. Since it also neutralizes odors, it can also be placed in the living room, kitchen or bathroom.

Efeutute houseplants


The chrysanthemum, with its cheerful flowers in very different colors and shapes, requires relatively little attention and care. According to a NASA study, this popular autumn flower removes ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde and xylene from the air – a real expert in air purification! It is therefore not at all surprising that the chrysanthemum is a symbol of health.

Chrysanthemum houseplants


The green lily is incredibly easy to care for, very decorative and fast-growing. With its long drooping leaves, it also looks beautiful as a hanging plant. It is considered a natural air filter and neutralizes formaldehyde given off by furniture.

Green lily houseplants

Green lily

Weeping figs are popular indoor trees with light or dark green, yellow green or white marbled leaves. They are quite versatile when it comes to air purification in closed interiors, but they need a bright location without direct sunlight and a slightly higher level of humidity.

Weeping fig house plants

Weeping Figs – Ficus benjamina

The narrow, thick and upward-growing leaves of the bow hemp go well with any modern ambience. It is easy to care for and, as so-called CAM plants, enriches the room air day and night. This is the name of plants that absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen even at night. This makes the bow hemp the perfect bedroom plant.

Bow hemp houseplants

Bow hemp

The dragon tree is a grateful houseplant with small demands and great persistence. This makes it ideal for everyone who does not have time for complex plant care. With its palm-shaped growth, the dragon tree exudes exoticism and can therefore become an eye-catcher in any interior. In addition, it destroys excessively high percentages of formaldehyde, benzene and trichlorethylene in the air.

Dragon tree houseplants

Dragon tree

The leaf flag, also known as the sheath leaf or peace lily, is a houseplant with an exotic and elegant beauty. It clears harmful substances in the air, suppresses dispersed microbes and increases the humidity, which makes a significant contribution to improving the living and working climate. The leaf vane is from house plants that prefer shady places and little watering.

Leaf vane house plants

Leaf flag

The ivy is one of the absolute favorites of the air-purifying plants at NASA. Its evergreen leaves reduce mold, relieve symptoms of allergies and asthma, and thereby enable better sleep. The ivy is multifaceted and as a hanging plant a real ornament in every apartment. It symbolically stands for eternity.

Ivy houseplants


These were the top 10 air-purifying houseplants. If you would like to breathe fresh air free of pollutants, then you should share your apartment with them and see whether you can feel its health-promoting effects.

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