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The hallway as a first impression

If you are lucky enough to have a spacious hallway that invites you to walk in, then this post is for you!

In most cases, the hallway is where your home makes its first impression. But how can we create exactly that “first impression” that you want?

You want your hallway to make an unforgettable impression on guests. You want to receive yourself comfortably. Sometimes the answer lies right under your feet.

Ideen für rustikalen Ziegel und Holzboden

Regardless of whether you are looking for an expressive effect or something quieter, wooden floors almost always fulfill your wishes.

The longevity of your flooring also plays a major role. For many of us, the hallway is one of the most heavily trafficked areas of the home as everyone walks in and out, leaving the floor in a lot of contact with shoes and dirt.

Holzböden Ideen

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Let’s take a look at the classic jewel, the parquet floor. It might seem bold at first, but when it comes to making a strong impression, this floor design is a great choice. While parquet may be reminiscent of the 1970s and old church interiors, it has recently been experiencing a boom in the world of interior design and is becoming an increasingly important choice in modern homes.

Parquet is often chosen in the hallway to give it a luxurious and distinctive feel.

Of course, it is also available in different color variations, from honey colors to strong walnut wood.

The appearance of the parquet is also beneficial from a practical point of view. The unique pattern is good for hiding the dirt, debris and scratches that unfortunately may appear on your flooring.

Holzboden Wohnzimmer

Wooden floor

Similar to hardwood floors, hardwood floors are a durable and great looking option for your hallway. Here you have the choice between solid wood floorboards or pre-finished parquet. The main difference between the two is that prefinished parquet can handle the fluctuating temperatures of underfloor heating that solid wood cannot cope with. In addition, underfloor heating can be seen more and more in our houses. So it’s worth it and can increase the sales value.

Wooden floors in turn offer you wonderful variations of different types of wood and surface finishes. For example, you can choose between a classic glossy lacquer and a subtly brushed, oiled finish.

Holzboden Tipps und Ideen

Of course the choice is yours! While nothing compares to the unique look of real wood, you can also find something more affordable with vinyl or laminate in very convincing imitations of real wood.

There are so many ways to welcome yourself in a friendly and homely manner.

Raumdesigns mit Holzboden

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