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The healing properties of tea

The Chinese say that tea is the fire of life. The popularity of this drink is undisputed – around 24,000 cups of tea are drunk every second around the world. The drink is good for us and gives us harmony and joy. Now let’s discuss different types of tea in more detail:

Green tea

The green tea has an optimal effect against all diseases and strengthens the immune system properties antioxidant

Green tea is a true classic among tea varieties. It only takes 5 minutes of sipping and the arteries are expanded by 4%. The main antioxidant in green tea is known as ECGC. The active ingredient dissolves plaques in the brain, the main causes of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Green tea has anti-cancer properties, strengthens the immune system and fights against possible blood poisoning. In order to find out about its optimal effect, we have to go into a few subtleties.

Green Tea For Best Results With Lemon Drinking Properties Antioxidant Boost Immune System

Drink green tea with lemon for best results

First and foremost, this tea should be drunk with a lemon wedge in the cup. Why? Eighty percent of the catechins in green tea are destroyed if they are already in the stomach. With the addition of lemon, the healthy effect of green tea can be enhanced. For maximum release of catechins, the tea has to be steeped for 8 minutes.

“Matcha” is green tea whose leaves have been pulverized. It is five times stronger than the usual green tea.

Black tea

Black tea is beneficial as it helps relieve stress and reduce the risk of heart attacks. Black tea Herbal tea Teas Antioxidants

Black tea is beneficial as it helps relieve stress and reduces the risk of heart attacks

Its qualities are often overlooked in the shade of green tea. It actually has other antioxidants, namely theaflavins and thearubigins, which are identical in their effects to the catechins in green tea.

Tea cups and dried tea leaves in bamboo containers-Black tea Herbal tea Teas Antioxidants Heart disease Heart disease reduce risk of heart attack Reduce stress

Tea cups and dried tea leaves in the bamboo container

Three cups of black tea a day will reduce your risk of heart disease by 11%, and four cups will reduce your risk of heart attack by 69%. Even one cup a day causes a 30% decrease in the stress hormone cortisol.

It has been claimed that supplementing milk reduces its beneficial properties.

White tea

The white tea is prepared with fresh and unprocessed leaves. White tea has beneficial antioxidant properties

The white tea is made from fresh and unprocessed leaves

Black tea is made from old, coarse, dried tea leaves, while white tea comes from the freshest and completely unprocessed leaves and buds of the tea plant. This makes it almost transparent and one of the most valuable varieties.

Freshly prepared tea-white tea Effect of valuable healing teas Tea plant Antioxidants

Freshly made tea

White tea is not that popular, but it is believed that it contains more antioxidants than green tea. It has a mild taste and is very effective in the fight against viruses.

Hibiscus tea

The hibiscus tea has a slightly sour taste - hibiscus tea has the effect of healing teas tea plant

The hibiscus tea has a slightly sour taste

In ancient Egypt, hibiscus tea was a drink used by the pharaohs and is still consumed today at weddings in Egypt and Sudan. The hibiscus tea has a bright red color and a slightly tart but pleasant fruit taste.

Accepting hibiscus tea every two weeks lowers blood pressure by approximately 6%. It is also used as a drug in the fight against cholesterol.

It is best to cook for 4-6 minutes and then drink it chilled.

Mint tea

The mint tea and mint tea is very popular and beneficial

Mint tea is very popular and beneficial

The amount of antioxidants in this tea shows that it contains many health stimulating herbs. A packet of peppermint tea gives the body 128 mg of the vital substances polyphenols. Peppermint tea is known to have an antispasmodic effect, that is, it reduces the abrupt contraction of the smooth muscles of the stomach (chamomile tea also has such an effect). It has recently been found that mint tea also reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Fresh mint leaves-mint tea effect teas tea plant

Fresh mint leaves

Fresh mint leaves-mint tea effect teas tea plant

Everything is much better contained in the fresh mint.

Rooibos tea

Rooibos tea with deep red color-rooibos tea teas tea plants

Rooibos tea in deep red color

The rooibos tea has a deep red color. This tea is only grown in Africa. In the southern part of the continent, all diseases are traditionally treated with this type of tea.

The rooibos tea is considered a remedy in South Africa rooibos teas for healing skin problems

The rooibos tea is considered a medicinal remedy in South Africa

Previous studies on rooibos show that it is able to prevent cancers of the skin, liver, esophagus, and colon from occurring. It also boosts the immune system and tones the skin, relieves itching and certain skin problems such as eczema, rash and acne. Therefore, it can be applied to the skin.

Mate tea

The mate tea is a traditional drink in South America mate tea teas strengthen the immune system

Mate tea is a traditional drink in South America

The traditional drink for South America has a decidedly bitter taste. But it has many useful characteristics, e.g. mate tea strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of DNA damage. Its popularity in South America is due to its fortifying and toning properties. Incidentally, the mate tea contains caffeine.

Prepared mate tea mate bush teas

Prepared mate tea

What is your favorite tea of ​​all of these?

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