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The highly praised minimalism: furnishing in Zen style

Zen Buddhism has existed since the 5th century, when it first emerged in China and was later further developed in Japan. Dedicated to meditation and inner calm, the Zen philosophy teaches us in today’s context about the importance of minimalism in our own home. The housing theory is actually not easy to describe because it resembles a mix of religious teaching, art and philosophy. In the original sense it is called a State of meditative immersion Roger that.

The reduction to the essentials in the establishment should lead to a peaceful attitude towards life. The housing theory says that the order in our environment is reflected in our subconscious. Just as one admires and longs for the calm of the blue sea on summer vacation.

Garden pond water fountain Zen oasis close to nature

Close to nature: the landscaped garden pond allows a direct view of the green

Zen style room interior wood white beige

The presence of wooden elements and light color nuances creates a harmonious overall picture

In today’s stressful everyday life, striving for peace and quiet is particularly valued: in your own house you want to recharge your batteries and focus on the essentials in life. How do you do that?

The doctrine says that man should only pay attention to the immediate present. The goal here is relaxation and spatial awareness with almost physical immobility. Then you want to do your interior design.

The first thing to do is to throw the old things that are no longer used out of the living space. Clear out the rooms by constantly wondering what use the available items are. If you don’t want to say goodbye to a treasured decorative item, store it safely.

Second, the Mönastyücke can be harmoniously adapted to the overall picture and under no circumstances stand in the way. S.Imagine how the energy flows undisturbed through the rooms and what could inhibit it. Pay attention to the colors: only simple and relaxed nuances find their place in the interior. The natural colors can be a signpost: light green, blue, brown, beige and white.

Small, unobtrusive home accessories schmüselectedÄkept spots in the house: a vase, Wooden figure, a crystal stück or picture of the waterfall. Again natural and simple. Less is more when it comes to interior design in Zenstyle, so that you can end the day in simple aesthetics.

Bedroom puristic Japanese furnishing idea

The neutral color palette and the simple furnishings make up the functional, comfortable living design

Bedroom atmosphere relaxed zen style

Zen Buddhism only promotes the neutral color palette with a few colored accents

Zen style minimalist garden green lush

The lushness of the garden as a natural background

Living space Zen Asian style seating area close to the floor

Japanese style seating group and interplay of colors in warm tones

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