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The living fire in the garden

Fire has always been something particularly important to humans. Anthropologists claim that it is older than its literal name itself. Eastern teachings classify it as one of the five main elements of the universe. And it cannot be denied that fire has a particularly important effect on humans – not only because of the warmth it provides to the physical body, but also because of its undisputed influence on our psyche and our emotional state.

the living fire in the garden decoration for the garden

The garden fire gives off a lot of warmth and brings friends and family together

In the modern, pragmatic everyday life in which we live today, there is hardly any room for the living, open fire. But there is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy its warm liveliness and sociability again. A fireplace in your own garden is a wonderful option for this. And what’s even better is that you can build it yourself. We’ll show you some inspiring examples.

The fireplace in your own garden is a very romantic decoration for the garden

A fireplace in your own garden is very romantic

An open fire place in the garden absolutely needs a lot of free space in order to be able to unfold its beauty. It is therefore important to choose a larger space so that you can sit by the fire with friends and family when it burns. The risk of burning should be considered when planning, and later also when building the fireplace.

Fire bowl decoration for the garden

Fire bowl

Although there are not as many models of open fire places as there are other garden elements, you can also find a few different variants of the design here. One possibility is to build a so-called bed for the fire in the shape of a bowl. This bed is built directly into the floor, which has some disadvantages. When it rains, for example, a fire bed is filled with water. In addition, it makes the fire appear more decorative and thereby detracts from its full splendor.

Fireplace with grill and bench decoration for the garden

Fireplace designed with grill grate and benches

A better variant is to build the fire bed high with the help of bricks or stones – about 40 – 60 cm. across the floor. The height of the fireplace very often depends on the design and size of the chosen garden furniture.

Some outdoor fireplaces have a roof, which serves as protection against fire hazards and better evacuates the smoke.

It’s not that difficult to build an open fire place in your own garden. All you need is a bigger garden, a little creativity and a lot of fun doing it yourself!

Make your own fireplace decoration for the garden

Tinker fireplace yourself

Patio and garden fire decoration for the garden

Terrace and garden fires

rustic garden fireplace with canopy decoration for the garden

Rustic garden fireplace with canopy

open hearth in the garden decoration for the garden

open fireplace in the garden

open fireplace made of stones in the garden decoration for the garden

open stone fireplace in the garden

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