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The living room trends 2022

The year 2022 is just around the corner and that means it’s time to plan ahead for what will be trending for living room trends in the new year. To get a feel for what to expect, we asked some trusted designers at trendomat.com and they didn’t disappoint. Below we share their predictions for the Living room trends 2022 in the areas of home decor, interior design and living rooms. Some of the most frequently mentioned items? Textured fabrics, natural light and lots of house plants. In this article you will find more interesting information on this subject.

Lots of natural light and evergreen houseplants are among the living room trends for 2022.

Wohnzimmer Trends 2022 viel naturliches Licht immergrune Zimmerpflanzen stilvolles Interieur wichtige Elemente

The trend is towards natural materials

In 2022 we will see a move towards natural materials, especially in spaces like living rooms. The trends in the design of living spaces reflect the trend reversal against fast fashion and are aimed at longevity and timelessness. People are looking for a more responsible design approach to making their living spaces live longer by incorporating elements that incorporate their surroundings. Many living rooms will be furnished with natural wood and travertine, which creates a calming, natural ambience and will make visitors feel relaxed.

Natural materials are all the rage in 2022 and a modern living room cannot be imagined without them.

Wohnzimmer Trends 2022 naturliche Materialien Travertin grune Pflanze modernes Interieur

Daylight is becoming more and more important for the wellbeing of residents

We assume that multifunctional living spaces with access to daylight and a view will also be the central component of living in 2022. Given how much time we spend at home these days, large windows and high ceilings are vital – they improve the outside view and allow plenty of daylight, both powerful stress relievers that never go out of style.

High ceilings and wide windows are important elements of the living room.

Wohnzimmer Trends 2022 hohe Zimmerdecken weite Fenster wichtige Elemente des Interieurs

Versatile rooms are becoming increasingly popular

The pandemic has shown us the importance of “home” as a haven. The demand for versatility in the home, in which a room can be used for various activities, will continue: a dining table or kitchen island can also be used as a desk.

Well-being in buildings is becoming more and more important for the client and the residents. Because indoor plants have a calming effect and provide clean air, more and more living walls and hanging plants will be seen in both common areas and apartments. You can use an elegant chandelier from Venice, which will also improve the quality of life of the residents through its design.

Well-being in your own four walls will be a top priority in 2022.

Wohnzimmer Trends 2022 Wohlbefinden grosgeschrieben Kronleuchter Wandbild

Living room trends 2022: Unique finds and furniture are becoming increasingly important

In view of bottlenecks in the production chains and increasing environmental awareness, the celebration of unique finds will be an increasingly important trend in the New Year. Not only are vintage finds a more environmentally friendly choice to design with upgrade, they are also full of unique details that would be expensive to recreate. Buying vintage furniture is not only an efficient and sustainable option, it also gives a room a special personality. A home should celebrate our uniqueness, and the choice of furniture is an important part of that. An old piece of furniture with a great patina reflects the love and respect for history and stories, just as a freshly painted antique shows the value of the past while creating a colorful and playful environment. And you can be sure that none of your neighbors will own the same piece.

Decorate your living room with an elegant chandelier in 2022!

Wohnzimmer Trends 2022 eleganter Kronleuchter Blickfang im Raum viel Licht

This will make the ambience shine and serve as a great eye-catcher.

Wohnzimmer Trends 2022 schicker Kronleuchter einzigartiges Fundstuck Blickfang

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