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The modern bedroom – trendy living tips for a great interior

Do you dream of a modern design in your bedroom? Regardless of whether your apartment is in the city or in the country, whether your bedroom is small or spacious, we have prepared some great living tips for a modern bedroom for you. Of course we illustrate our words with 18 brilliant bedroom designs in our picture gallery. Have fun reading and browsing.

Bedroom with industrial lighting


Create a stylish bedroom with dark walls and industrial lights

Not necessarily traditional, but definitely trendy! Combine the coarse lamps in an industrial style with delicate curtains in white and solid oak furniture for an extremely cozy and modern atmosphere. Do not over-fill the bedroom with too many industrial lamps, one floor lamp, two bedside lamps or one on the dresser will do just fine.

Fabulous wrought iron bed


A wrought iron bed in the bedroom creates a fabulous look

The wrought iron beds are not totally out of date! Such a great bed will turn your bedroom into a real designer treasure. A woolen carpet in neutral colors and decorative pillows with monograms will give the living room a charming, modern style.

The Japanese style in the small bedroom


Closet with sliding doors is the best solution for small bedrooms

Do not despair if your bedroom is very small. A tiny bedroom can also be very modern and cozy. Go for a great Japanese-style interior and you won’t regret it. You will be surprised how many practical furnishing ideas for small rooms this simple style offers.

Built-in wardrobe – practical and modern


Small bedroom in white and light gray

The built-in wardrobe is a very practical solution for your bedroom that gives the whole room a modern flair. If it’s small, opt for sliding doors with tall mirrors. A wonderful addition to this would be LED strips in the wardrobe that illuminate the shelves there when you slide the doors.

Bedroom under the roof


Modern bedroom on the top floor

Romantic, practical, modern, cozy – if you want a bedroom like this, don’t use your attic as storage space, but as a great living space. If the architecture allows, create a cozy reading corner under a skylight.

wooden floor-pendant-lamp-bedroom-modern

Cozy bedroom with light blue accents

bedroom-modern-wall-design-wood paneling

Wall panels made of wood in the bedroom bring more warmth into the room


Unique bedroom with modern designer furniture


Create a modern atmosphere in the bedroom with great accents in bright colors


Spacious eclectic style bedroom


Simple bedroom on the top floor

bedroom-in-the-attic-modern-wooden beams

Modern industrial style bedroom features bare wooden beams on the ceiling

wall cladding-wood-bedroom-modern-wall lamp-reading lamp

Create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the bedroom with wall paneling made of wood in warm nuances


A fancy wall decoration complements the modern look of the bedroom


Bedroom and bathroom in one

bedroom-modern-chest of drawers-wooden double bed

A comfortable bedroom flooded with daylight


Cool bedroom in cold pastel tones

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