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The most beautiful ideas for your creepy Halloween decoration in the living room

The time will come soon, Halloween is coming! The well-known horror festival is celebrated with wild parties, frightening decorations and lots of goodies for young and old not only in the USA, but also in many other countries around the world. Its popularity grows from year to year with us too. If you want to prepare for this very special festival, then you’ve come to the right place today. Because we want to present you some cool ideas for your creepy Halloween decoration in the living room, which are not too fancy, but also not quite traditional. In our picture gallery you can see rather stylish Holloween decoration ideas that you can easily imitate. This creates an eerie ambience and spreads the scary flair of the Halloween festival in your own home. Soon after, you will definitely feel the spell of the biggest horror festival of the year.

The biggest horror festival of the year is just around the corner.
Wandspiegel Kürbisse Girlande Laterne Kissen

Prepare for an unforgettable experience! Think in advance of a few spectacular highlights in your Halloween decoration in the living room. Then you and your guests are guaranteed to have great moments of shock!

Now it’s getting really scary!

Halloween Deko im Wohnzimmer auf dem Kaffeetisch gruselige Dekofiguren Tötenkopf Hände Arrangement mit gelben Herbstblumen

  • The coffee table is the focus of the Halloween decoration in the living room

If you want to decorate the living room in a creepy way, it is quite understandable that the coffee table is the center of your Hallween decoration. On the one hand, this small piece of furniture offers enough space for it, on the other hand, it is not difficult to decorate at all. You can place everything you can think of and like about the horror festival on it. But our advice is: just stick to the style of your living room furnishings. Choose the colors that in some way harmonize with the rest of the room. In short, don’t be too cheeky with your creepy Halloween decoration in the living room! Limit yourself to the classic Halloween colors such as orange, black and gray and add a few accents in white or silver. So Halloween decoration on the coffee table remains full of style and character.

A stylish Halloween decoration in the living room, where every detail, decorative element and colors are well thought out.

Halloween Deko im Wohnzimmer stilvoll verlockend Grau Schwarz Orange Kissen Teppich Dekoelemente

Not too much Halloween decoration on the coffee table is more than enough in most cases.

Halloween Deko im Wohnzimmer auf dem Kaffeetisch schwarze Schüssel

For example, arrange a black bowl with pine cones and spiders on the coffee table. Then put Halloween decoration figures on it, such as skulls, spiders, rats, snakes and cockroaches. All of these look scary enough! But if you want an even more terrifying decoration, then go for some body parts. A hand or a few wiggle eyes immediately give your Halloween decoration in the living room that certain something. In addition, such decorative elements are all the rage when it comes to Halloween table decorations.

This coffee table is decorated with attention to detail.

affeetisch Zweige in Vase zwei Kürbisse mit Silber und Goldglanz schwarze Hand

Wiggle eyes, some blood, black crows and the silhouette of a witch make the Halloween decoration in the living room really scary.

Halloween Deko im Wohnzimmer auf dem Kaffeetisch Wackelaugen etwas Blut schwarze Krähen das Schattenbild einer Hexe wirklich gruselig

Thanks to the orange-colored decoration around this silver skull, the Halloween table decoration looks a little milder.

Halloween Deko im Wohnzimmer auf dem Kaffeetisch silberner Totenkopf weiße Kerzen orangefarbene Kürbisse milde Note

But if you want to keep your Halloween decoration simple, then limit yourself to a few pumpkins, painted in suitable colors and sprayed with a little shine. Further flower arrangements in vases or succulents in pots go well with this. The next three pictures are great proof of that.

Halloween Deko im Wohnzimmer auf dem Kaffeetisch schlicht gehalten Kürbisse Blumenarrangement Teelicht

Halloween Deko im Wohnzimmer auf dem Kaffeetisch schlicht gehalten Totenkopf Teelicht Blumenarrangement Kerzen weiße Kürbisse

Halloween Deko im Wohnzimmer im rustikalen Stil karierter Tischläufer karierte Kissen in weiß schwarz weiße Kürbisse rustikale Wanddeko

  • The fireplace is the ideal place for your Halloween decoration in the living room

When decorating the fireplace, you have more space to let your imagination and creativity run free. Here you can hang up girls, spread a spider web or place skeletons, bats, small mice, black crows or cats here and there. On the mantelpiece you will surely have enough space for candlesticks and lanterns. You can arrange large pumpkins in front of the fireplace, the color of which matches the whole Halloween decoration.

Die besten und stilvollsten Ideen für eine gruselige jedoch schöne Halloween Deko am Kamin. Orange und Schwarz im Kontrast

Halloween decoration in the living room decorate the fireplace creepy but beautiful and stylish orange and black in contrast pumpkins spider web lanterns garland of small white skeletons black crows

On the white background, the black Halloween decoration on the fireplace comes out perfectly.

Halloween Deko im Wohnzimmer weißer Hintergrund schwarze Deko Artikel am Kamin schöner Kontrast

Another extra tip: You could hang a garland by the fireplace, with which you show all your friends and guests that you are impatiently waiting for Halloween and that you like to celebrate the horror festival. Among other things, you can make these yourself. Just like wooden signs with the right lettering, you can currently buy them in stores or make them yourself. Pay attention to the colors when decorating – the color scheme of the Hallween decoration does not allow much leeway, but you can add a few splashes of color here and there. This will make your decoration in the living room even more eye-catching!

Now scroll down and let yourself be inspired by the pictures with creepy but stylish Halloween decorations in the living room. Happy Halloween!

Decorate your own living room on the occasion of the Hallween festival….

Halloween Deko im Wohnzimmer schokoladenbraune Polstermöbel karierte Kissen Wanduhr Fledermäuse rustikale Note

…. And celebrate together with your friends!

Halloween Deko im Wohnzimmer farbenfroher Tischschmuck Kerzen Kürbisse Blumen

Do you get goose bumps too?

Halloween Deko im Wohnzimmer auf dem Kaffeetisch schwarze Schlange orange Akzente Teelicht Blumen Käfig

Now it’s getting scary in the living room!

ьHalloween Deko im Wohnzimmer gruselig den Kamin zu Halloween schmücken schwarz dominiert goldene Akzente

Halloween Deko im Wohnzimmer weiß schwarz und orange Boo Effekt

Halloween Deko im Wohnzimmer Girlande aus Spinnen schwarze Dekofigur Laternen Zweige orangenfarbene Kürbisse

Halloween Deko im Wohnzimmer Trick or Treat Schild Kamin in schwarz weiß dekoriert

Halloween Deko im Wohnzimmer Steinkamin gruselig dekoriert Laterne Zweige schwarze Krähe

Halloween Deko im Wohnzimmer Bild Totenkopf an der Wand über dem Kamin Fledermäuse Kürbisse alles in schwarz weiß

Halloween Deko im Wohnzimmer Kamin gruselig aber stilvoll dekorieren auf weißem Hintergrund wenig Deko schwarze Spinnen orange Kürbisse

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