The most beautiful sayings about birth

When a baby is born in the family, with friends or colleagues, there is great joy on all sides. In addition to a gift, a nice card with congratulations is usually given to the new parents. In order to decorate this card with a few nice lines, we have collected a few special congratulations and sayings on the birth for you.

Congratulations on the birth to the parents

When parents have a baby, it is customary to congratulate them on the addition to the family. With these beautiful sayings, the greeting card is filled with lots of love.

  • A child makes the house happier, everyday life more interesting, love stronger, the nights shorter – and the days brighter.
  • A little mom, a little dad and lots of miracles.
  • Without saying a single word, a child fills life.
  • Sometimes it’s the smallest things that take up the most space in the heart.
  • Congratulations on the promotion and the new titles “Mama” and “Papa”.
  • Four feet big and small. walked alone for a long time. From now on, walk at every turn. two tiny little feet with.
  • You now have much responsibility, says caution. It will be difficult sometimes, says experience. You are very lucky, says love. It’s a miracle, we say!
  • As a parent, you hold your child’s hands for a limited amount of time. However, you will hold his heart forever.
  • You now have the greatest gift in your arms.
  • Your dream has been fulfilled, a miracle born.

Congratulations addressed to the child

With a nice saying about the birth, you decorate the very first birthday card in a baby’s life with a little more depth.

  • I wish you: that you love as if nobody had ever hurt you, that you dance as if nobody is looking, that you sing as if nobody hears you, that you live as if paradise were here on earth. (Irish proverb)
  • You seem so lost, so delicate and small And yet – since you were born, the brightest sunshine has shone deep into our hearts. (Anita Menger)
  • There will be hands to carry you And arms to hold you safe And people to show you without question that you are welcome.
  • You little sunshine bring us in inexplicable ways, light, warmth and happiness.
  • We want to accompany you in sunshine, guide you in storms. We want to be with you, for life. Always by your side, every step.

Birth sayings (girl)

Here you will find special sayings about the birth of a girl.

  • Mom got reinforcements – the warmest greetings on the birth of your daughter
  • A daughter is the love between two people that gives new life
  • Heaven sent you in her arms, a little girl with a lot of charm!
  • Believe me, little princess: It’s nice that you exist! Life is waiting for you and you know you are loved.
  • A small heart began to beat, good luck every day. May your daughter give you great joy throughout life

Birth Quotes (Boy)

If you are looking for sayings about the birth of a boy, you will find them here.

  • Your son, healthy and alert makes everyday life brighter and more colourful. He will sharpen your senses and confuse everything. Stay cool, keep your nerves, because in case you two don’t already know: nothing stays the same.
  • A son is the love between two people that gives new life
  • Dad has a team now – congratulations on the birth of your son
  • A little boy, oh how wonderful – I am very happy with the parents
  • Oh what a sweet angel, well that’s a strapping brat! Dad managed it well, he also took a lot from mom. A good mix of the two of you, who has the character of that remains to be seen.

Congratulations on the birth of twins

The birth of twins is something very special. So it should be the congratulations on the birth.

  • Gemini: double joy, double happiness, love given comes back double.
  • Sometimes the greatest happiness is very small, sometimes it doesn’t come alone
  • The stork came, wonderful! With twins to you even. And when he came, there was something going on, because his package was quite large, because it contained a double happiness of very cute babies, two of them. We wish you double happiness and blessings!
  • You are unique – your offspring twice! Congratulations on double happiness.
  • Luck came in double pack, congratulations! There has to be a big bag of baby diapers. If you are stressed and tired at the beginning, you will not least feel double the joy. I congratulate you on having children and wish you luck in all ways

Congratulations: quotes and literary sayings

Well-known personalities have already dealt with the birth of a baby. Here you will find great quotes, sayings and proverbs.

  • When children are small, give them roots – when they are older, give them wings. (Indian proverb)
  • Words cannot express the joy of new life (Hermann Hesse)
  • Children are like a book that we should read and write in. (Peter Rosegger)
  • Children should not collect treasures for their parents, but parents for their children (2 Cor 12:14)
  • What a wonderful mystery is the entry of a new man into the world. (Leo Tolstoy)
  • You can’t look into the future, but you can lay the foundation for something future – because the future can be built. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
  • The jewel of heaven is the sun, the jewel of the house is the child. (Chinese proverb)
  • A baby is an angel whose wings shrink while legs grow. (French proverb)
  • in children you experience your own life again and only now do you understand it fully. (Søren Kierkegaard)
  • When one speaks of the child, souls calm down; all of humanity shares the deep emotion that emanates from the child. The child is a source of love. When you touch him, you touch love (Mary Montessori)
  • A new born baby is like the beginning of all things – it is wonder, hope, dream of all possibilities (Eda J LeShan)
  • The birth of a child is like the creation of a new world (Achim Schmidtmann)

Together with personal words, the birth sayings become a beautiful memory for the parents who received them. Whether with or without an additional gift for the birth, a beautiful greeting card always gives a smile.

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