The most exciting children’s questions with suitable answers for parents

Children see the world in a way that we adults have long lost. They are always curious and can easily take 1 hour for a 500 meter walk, because they discover something new on every stone and leaf. Their curiosity wants to be satisfied and so they come, the many children’s questions. Parents cannot always answer each of them spontaneously. Here we collect typical children’s questions for you and help you to find an answer.

How are the Northern Lights formed?

polar lights
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Aurorae are caused by solar winds. These solar winds are formed in space by powerful explosions in the sun. They are made up of small particles from the sun that, after a long journey, are directed to the poles once they reach the Earth’s magnetic field. There they enter the earth’s atmosphere and meet particles that are already in the air. With this meeting, the particles begin to glow, forming the beautiful Aurora Borealis.

Why are earwigs called earwigs?

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Earwigs were actually used in dried and ground form as a remedy for earaches in the Middle Ages. The powder was placed in the ears and was intended to treat and stop “ear-pinching”. At some point it became like this “Dermaptera”as the earwig is actually called, the earwig.

When was the first train in the world?

The first train - steam train
Engraving, illustration, gravure, engraving : 1885 (Image: © Erica Guilane-Nachez / Adobe Stock)

In 1804 the world’s first steam locomotive ran. It was built by Englishman Richard Trevithick. In 1825, the first steam locomotive drove between two cities and carried people back and forth.

Why is the Leaning Tower of Pisa Leaning?

The leaning tower of Pisa
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One of the most typical children’s questions has to do with a tower in Italy. The Leaning Tower of Pisa took 177 years to build. Construction was started, continued and interrupted three times. Shortly after the start of the construction phase, the tower began to incline to the east because the subsoil consists of too fine sand and pressure-sensitive clay. Over the years, the tower leaned more and more. The builders actually wanted to demolish the tower, but its leaning position made the leaning tower of Pisa a tourist attraction. Every year millions of people visit the tower in Pisa, which can even be visited from the inside.

However, this was not always the case. In the meantime, the leaning tower was so crooked that it was considered in danger of collapsing. So it was extensively renovated and partially erected. Currently he still has a sloping position of almost 5 meters to the total height. Now it can be visited again.

Why do you say “I see the light”?

Why do you say "I see a light"?
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The phrase “I see the light” comes from derivatives of the Bible. There are many texts in the Bible that speak of “light”. One often reads about the light in passages in which the right path is to be taken. Elsewhere, people in different situations have seen a light. Over the centuries, these texts became the phrase “I see the light”. Whenever someone has gained a special insight or had an “enlightening” idea, this phrase was used.

Who Invented Kindergarten?

Invention of the kindergarten
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The kindergarten was actually invented in Germany. The first general kindergarten, which is rudimentarily comparable to today’s kindergarten (a day-care center), was opened in Germany in 1840. It was founded and brought into being by Friedrich Wilhelm Fröbel. He wanted to create a care facility in which children could develop fully.

The first childcare facilities have existed in Germany since 1804. At the time, these were called infant schools. There, however, the focus was not on education, or even on pedagogical concepts, but was purely a “detention center for small children”, while the parents collected the harvest in the field or sold their goods on the market.

Today, millions of children’s questions are answered in kindergarten. But we all know that one good answer creates three new questions for clever children. 😊

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