The most important information about the new catalog of fines from May 1st, 2014

ticketWith the point reform, which will come into force on May 1, 2014, only violations that endanger road safety will be recorded. Offenses that do not pose a direct threat to road safety are no longer penalized with points. In addition, the fines for some violations will be increased. The most important changes for common offenses at a glance:

offense fine Points
Up to 20 km/h too fast out of town 30 0
Up to 30 km/h too fast out of town 70 1
Up to 50 km/h too fast out of town 160 2
Up to 70 km/h too fast out of town 440 2
Over 70 km/h too fast out of town 600 2
Up to 20 km/h too fast in town 35 0
Up to 25 km/h too fast in town 80 1
Up to 40 km/h too fast in town 160 2
Up to 50 km/h too fast in town 200 2
phone while driving 60 1
In environmental zone without sticker 80 0
Missing license plate 60 0
Without winter tires 60 1
Children not buckled up 60 1
Running a red light (over 1 second) 200 2
Right of way disregarded 70 1
Dangerous overtaking manoeuvre 100 1
First violation of the 0.5 alcohol limit 500 2
Driving without a permit 70 1

This list will continue to expand.

Many other violations and any resulting driving bans can be calculated and viewed, for example, at More information on the basics of the new regulations can be found here at

The most important information on awarding and reducing points:

  • Instead of the previous 18, the driver’s license will be revoked at eight points in the future.
  • For violations or criminal offenses there are only 1-3 points instead of 1-7 as before:
    – a point for administrative offences
    – two points for gross administrative offenses and criminal offenses
    – three points for offenses involving disqualification from driving
  • Deduction of points: If there are one to five points, one point can be deducted through a voluntary driving aptitude seminar.
  • Better overview of deleting points after fixed redemption periods:
    – Administrative offenses with 1 point in 2.5 years
    – Administrative offenses and criminal offenses, each with 2 points, in 5 years
    – Offenses with 3 points in 10 years

Incidentally, you can get free information about your own points balance on the website of the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

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