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The poinsettia – the red beauty in Christmas decorations

In the run-up to Christmas we all try to make our houses and apartments as cozy as possible and to decorate them nicely for the festivities. But if you have a small apartment and don’t have enough free space for a Christmas tree, then you shouldn’t hang your head, because you can create a wonderful decoration even in a small space. Because we have had a real beauty here in Europe since 1950, which shows us its magnificent red leaves and flowers at Christmas time. The poinsettia is without a doubt one of the most popular plants this cold season. It captivates everyone with its natural beauty and adorns any ambience. It is also ideal as a Christmas present or a souvenir if you want to please someone you love.

poinsettia decoration

The poinsettia brightens up the gloomy winter season with its red leaves.

decorative poinsettia

Pure beauty: the red and green leaves of the poinsettia are crowned with tender flowers.

Interesting facts about the poinsettia

Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) enchant us in every garden center in the run-up to Christmas. These are actually the best-selling indoor plants just before Christmas. And there are good reasons for this: the Christmas star, as the exotic beauty is still called, is enjoying increasing popularity. Their star-shaped bracts are red, pink, or cream-colored, framed by equally beautiful green leaves. Thanks to its natural beauty, the poinsettia turns into an absolute eye-catcher in every room where it is placed.

poinsettia side table

The most beautiful of the beautiful winter plants!

But where is the best location for a Christmas star?

The poinsettia is very sensitive to the cold, it doesn’t like drafts and low temperatures. Even when buying, you have to be careful so that you choose a well-cared for plant. Rolled leaves and yellow spots indicate poor care, so it’s better to choose a different poinsettia. The red-green beauty you have chosen must be brought home well packed, because the Christmas star must not be exposed to the cold. At home you are looking for a warm location for your red eye-catcher, where it does not get direct sun and does not feel a draft! Yes, these beauties are somewhat demanding, but…. You just have to accept that. Never let the potting soil get too dry and always water the poinsettia with lukewarm water.

poinsettia window sill

If there is no direct sunlight, you can also place the Christmas star on the windowsill. It cuts a fine figure both indoors and out.

Extra tip:

Here is an important note, especially if you have pets: the poinsettia is poisonous! It belongs to the milkweed family and their milky sap contains skin-irritating components. Pets such as small dogs, cats, rabbits or hamsters are not allowed to nibble on the beautiful leaves of the poinsettia, as this can possibly lead to poisoning, which is extremely undesirable. Every housewife must also wear gloves when pruning or repotting the Christmas star. Additional security never hurts!


The poinsettia is an integral part of the festive decoration.

So place your poinsettia in a safe place, surround it with additional decorations for Christmas and you will get a real eye-catcher in your home that will delight your eyes for a long time.
We wish you a Merry Christmas!

red poinsettia

Red beauty that captivates.


Warmly invite the Christmas spirit into the house!

christmas decoration coffee table

The leaves are red or cream in color – but both types are adorable!

modern poinsettias

The beautiful poinsettia is a sophisticated houseplant that adorns our homes for Christmas.


It is Christmas time! The Christmas star sets the tone here!

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