The quad driving license

Which driver’s license is required for quad biking? An AM or B driving license is required to drive a quad on public roads. With AM, i.e. the driving license class for small motorcycles and light vehicles on four wheels, quads with a displacement of 50 cubic centimeters and a top speed of 45 km / h can be driven. This already applies to young people aged 16 and over.
The quad driving license: The Association for Citizen-Friendly Transport Policy (VFBV) provides information on which driving licenses are allowed to drive ATVs and quadsAnyone who already has a driver’s license for cars, i.e. class B, is also permitted to use fast and heavy all-terrain vehicles (ATV).
In most cases, a quad is approved as a forestry tractor. Then holders of a class L driving license are also allowed to drive this ATV.
Anyone who has a motorcycle driving license (classes A, A1 and A2) will also have class AM entered in their driving license, which also entitles them to quad biking. However, the regulations of class AM apply here, i.e. 50 cubic centimeters and a top speed of 45 km / h.
Some older driver’s license holders may still have entered the S class. This includes quads to the AM class regulations.

Quad driving license: what about BF17?

Youngsters up to the age of 18 are allowed to drive with an AM driver’s license or BF17 quads that do not go faster than 45 km / h on the speedometer and have a maximum capacity of 50 cubic meters. It does not matter whether the quad could actually drive 60 km / h, but the pilot is only traveling at 45 km / h. Due to the design, the limit must be 45 km / h. After all, the officers cannot permanently control the speed.
If prospective drivers want to drive faster quads with the BF17, the registered accompanying person must sit on the back. This is only permitted if the ATV also has two approved seats. By the way, helmets are mandatory for all ‘occupants’ on the quad.

Do I need a quad driver’s license on private property?

In principle, ATVs and quads can also be driven on private property without street approval and a driver’s license. However, the owner of the estate must give his consent, and the property must not be connected to a public road. If you want your offspring without a license to drive on your own property, you have to make sure that the exit from the courtyard is blocked by a barrier or a gate – if you don’t do this, you risk your own driving license during an inspection.
It is not legally mandatory, but it makes a lot of sense to get a briefing before the first excursion on the quad – especially if you do not have a suitable quad driver’s license. After all, a quad moves completely differently than a car – it needs to be driven with active physical use.
Suitable protective clothing and a helmet are also important; this is even mandatory in public traffic. After all, the pilot on the quad is largely unprotected in the event of an accident – a quad has no crumple zone like a car. x

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