The right mattress for the cot – these tips will help


Shortly before the birth of a baby, the parents-to-be are faced with a major challenge. You will need to collect all of the basic equipment within the next few weeks. In addition to the baby / children’s bed, one of the most important purchases is the appropriate mattress. Since there are countless different models, this article should shed some light on the darkness and make the decision for the optimal mattress a little easier.

Focus on security

Once the first cot has been bought, the search for the perfect mattress is often a real challenge. Countless factors must be taken into account in order to create the optimal sleeping place for your own child. The main focus is on the safety of the child. A good mattress has to fit perfectly in the bed. There must be no gaps in which the little arms or legs could get stuck. The size must be optimally matched. It is also recommended to choose a mattress with a firm edge (step edge). This offers a significantly greater degree of stability and security when the little ones become more mobile.

An absolute must for every child’s bed: firm mattresses

A baby mattress should by no means be soft, even if this is perhaps considered to be particularly comfortable. The spine should be well supported by the mattress while you sleep, as it has not yet developed into the double S-shape as it does in adults. For this reason, a firm mattress should preferably be chosen for the lying properties, as it corresponds most closely to the physical conditions of a baby.

Breathable and pollutant-free

The optimal mattress is also breathable. Your material should also transport moisture and not accumulate. We recommend mattresses with a honeycomb foam core. However, it is essential to pay attention to the Oeko-Tex seal when making your selection. After all, the little ones should be spared all harmful substances.

Mattresses made from natural materials such as latex or latex-coated coconut fibers are also particularly popular. These offer the necessary strength and are air-permeable. Cold foam mattresses are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers or very sensitive children. If you opt for this variant, you should make sure that the cover is washable at 60 ° C in any case, for allergy sufferers, covers with a washability of 95 ° C are even better.

The consumer protection portal Öko-Test offers a great comparison of around 15 different mattresses. It is worthwhile to read more carefully here.

Always perfect – thanks to the removable cover

The baby should feel absolutely comfortable in its new sleeping environment. In addition to safety, hygiene also plays an extremely important role in the baby bed. When buying the mattress, parents should make sure that the cover can be removed. Ideally, it is made of a material that can be washed in the washing machine at 60 degrees. Many covers are made of cotton or polyester, which can also be easily washed at higher temperatures. This should then be done regularly.

An investment in the future

When buying a baby mattress, the price should play a minor role. And the current “trends” in the mattress world should first be put through their paces. The manufacturers of various mattresses such as Emma, ​​Bruno and eve are currently fighting each other – and every manufacturer claims that his mattress is the best. But of course the quality has to be right even with such trendy mattresses. After all, the child sleeps on a 60 × 120 or 70 × 140 cm mattress for almost 3 years, after which the width is too small.

Since the little ones sleep much longer than adults, they spend an enormous amount of time in their sleeping environment. This is why it is all the more important to choose the perfect mattress. This should definitely bring stability, security and high quality. Buying the right mattress is an investment in your child’s health.


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