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The rustic farmer’s kitchen – forgotten about the world or back in trend?

Bauernstube traditional ceramic floor tiles wooden table

Contemporary country-style kitchen with nostalgic wooden fronts and modern appliance technology

Today we would like to continue our overview of kitchen furnishings in a rustic style. But we’re going a little further from the rustic oak country kitchen. We are talking about a very rural farmhouse parlor. These are high-quality solid wood kitchens, the rough lines and solid fronts of which appear to have jumped out of a favorite fairy tale. Corresponding kitchen appliances and rough kitchen worktops round off the overall appearance.

Country kitchen nostalgic cosiness wooden fronts

Country kitchen nostalgic cosiness wooden fronts

What do you notice in the first place in a traditional farmer’s kitchen? Probably the use of dark woods with visible grain. Mostly seen on dining tables and buffet cabinets, the color combinations of light and dark appear strong and dominant. Ceramic floor tiles, patterned home textiles and kitchen accessories for hanging are part of the typical country kitchen. You can find out more about it here!

Rural style traditional cuisine meal

Rural style traditional cuisine meal

The rustic farmer’s kitchen is seldom seen these days. Alpine kitchens are offered in modern versions, however. The unique appearance and comfort of the real country kitchen can only be achieved by understanding the unsurpassable effectiveness of the country house style.
Imagine you are about to buy your first home. Other than location, what factors would influence your decision? The kitchen design is usually at the top of the list, followed by the bathroom. It turns out that the kitchen area is the real focal point of a home.
Modern urban culture often fails to find meaning in the original role of the cooking area. Our visits to the supermarket today have nothing in common with food preparation in the past. So have the times and the importance of the country house kitchen long been forgotten?
The village was considered to be the mainstay of society hundreds of years ago. With his independent food production in the garden and on the meadow and the subsequent preparation in the kitchen were previously considered to be fundamental. The farmer’s kitchen was not only used for cooking, but was also stocking up for the long and cold winter days when there was nothing left to pull out and get from the garden.
The extraordinary atmosphere of a rustic country kitchen is created when a deep understanding of rural life and its needs develops. The manual work involved in various activities such as creating sufficient supplies, drying herbs, pottery, woodwork and blacksmithing are not completely a thing of the past. The practical, real use of these activities is closely related to the natural way of life of the rural people.

The warm color nuances are seen as part of the usual country kitchen. Real wood panels are painted over in dark yellow, ocher or brown. Usually there are slight differences in the wall colors, which underlines the authentic processing.

Typical are the classic pieces of furniture with signs of use and tinted color, on which country baskets are placed. A large number of untreated wooden elements can be found. If you want to recreate the country house kitchen these days, you have to think about its completely harmonized composition.

An essential feature is that the farm kitchen was designed to be open to the other rooms in the house. In this way, airiness and generosity was achieved, which invites you to eat together. Have you noticed that, despite the rustic atmosphere and the kitchen accessories in an old-fashioned look, order and cleanliness prevail? All objects are ready for use in their assigned place.

Compared to the modern kitchen area, the farmer’s kitchens had small window niches in the past. The light was sparse, which added to the mysterious look. Once upon a time there was kitchen lighting with gas lamps and tapered candles … Do you admire these country kitchens with nostalgic charm? Take a look here what a modern country kitchen looks like today!

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