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The secret of the well-equipped kitchen

Are you ready to take a step into innovative home design? When planning a kitchen, there are a few basic rules that must be observed. Realize this and you will have kitchen design of the highest order.

What should you consider?

We point out the perfect use of the available floor space. This is followed by the right choice of lighting fixtures. Last but not least, the good one should Material quality must be observed. Scroll down and read on.

When planning the kitchen

In order to avoid angular corners, narrow worktops, insufficient light and unnecessary kitchen appliances in the kitchen area, it is best to seek advice from your kitchen manufacturer or a designer before undertaking a laborious renovation. You won’t have to change the optimal kitchen setup for years.

Kitchen kitchen design island high gloss white bar stool recessed spotlights

Kitchen island with a high-gloss surface in white and wooden bar stools

Kitchen kitchen design furnishings wood hanging lamp black

Spacious kitchen, mainly designed with wood

Location of the units

You would have to be practical with any food preparation, so it is advisable to carefully consider the correct location of the cabinets and appliances. The refrigerator, sink and countertop should be in close proximity to each other. You could even divide the kitchen into five functional areas: storage, cooking center, sink, prep area and storage space.

Kitchen kitchen design modern practical warm colors

Is that what the modern and practical kitchen looks like?

Kitchen kitchen design gray white modern

Kitchen design in gray and white in the narrow, long room

Kitchen kitchen design practical

Practically set up and well organized kitchen

For small kitchens

The design of the compact kitchen area can be quite a challenge. With the help of tricks, however, the area can be better used, for example with wide worktops on which the kitchen appliances can be placed while still having enough preparation space. Storage space is gained in height, so pots or crockery could be placed on the wall units. Modern designs are becoming more common and their mechanisms save space and provide additional functionality. Incidentally, the sliding doors are particularly suitable as a demarcation.

The dining area can be equipped with a folding wall table or a compact round table.

Small rooms can be optically enlarged with the right lighting. In addition to pendant lights, accent lighting could also be installed, for example using LED under-cabinet lights. This ensures that there is always constant light in the kitchen.

Other elements such as simple shapes, light colors, high-gloss surfaces, glass doors, open shelves and tiles contribute to the visual effect.

Kitchen compact storage

Compact kitchen with lots of wall shelves that offer great storage options

Kitchen kitchen design storage warm colors modern

Modern kitchen in warm colors

Kitchen stove wooden table practical solution small kitchen

Practical equipment in the small kitchen

The kitchen island

This practical piece of furniture goes well with large rooms. A threshold-free transition is created between the kitchen and the living room, so that part of the kitchen equipment is laid in the middle of the room. This modern kitchen solution allows a further function, namely the shared cooking experience. It is very pleasant to chat with friends or family in the kitchen and to try out new recipes.

The kitchen island is still used as a place for storage and preparation. However, you should have enough space available, otherwise this piece of furniture will attract too much attention.

Kitchen island bar stool storage modern white

Spacious kitchen island with interesting storage options for books and CDs

The material for your kitchen island

The countertops and the wall panels in the kitchen are susceptible to aggressive factors such as moisture, high temperatures, acids and various cleaning agents. For this reason, these surfaces must be made from high quality materials. The offer is diverse.

Kitchen island worktop wooden bar stool rustic

Cooking island in the middle of a rustic kitchen

Countertops made of natural stone

The kitchen manufacturers mostly rely on granite for the countertops. The material is robust, stain-resistant and can withstand high temperatures quite well. Small scratches on the surface can be easily removed. In contrast, the porcelain stoneware actually comes in light fronts.

The natural stone worktops are recommended because, among other things, they can be created precisely. The solid surface worktops have a rich color palette and are easy to care for.

Granite countertop

Granite countertop

Solid wood worktops

Solid wood is another option, although it is rarely used for countertops. The surface can be cleaned with mineral oils. However, it cannot withstand excessively high temperatures and a cutting board should be used when cooking. The wooden surface would have to be protected from liquids.

Solid wood worktop

Solid wood worktop

Glass countertops

You could use heat resistant glass for your countertop. In most cases this area consists of two layers that are about 4 mm thick in total. With a high-quality production, you can count on long-term heat resistance and ease of care. The disadvantage is that there is a risk of breakage.

The modern kitchen back wall is an essential element in home design. It used to be popular to lay the kitchen splashback with ceramic tiles. Lately, other elements in different shapes and colors have been used in the design.

Kitchen modern wood worktop glass LED lighting

Modern kitchen where glass and wood have been combined in a great way

Kitchen design

There are two directions in kitchen design in the market. We can call the first of these minimalist. The cabinets are simple, with no visible handles and their surfaces are high-gloss, in black or white.

The second direction is the so-called country kitchen in warm colors, mostly with wooden elements and a funnel-shaped extractor hood.

Kitchen modules that blur the boundaries between the kitchen and the living room are becoming more and more up-to-date.

Kitchen island hanging lamp plain white gray

Would you like to have a kitchen like this too?

Kitchen wooden table kitchen system wall unit black kilim honeycomb shape modern

A simple wooden table on a colorful carpet stands in the middle of a super modern kitchen

Kitchen kitchen design white

Kitchen design in white

How do you find our ideas for modern kitchen design? We hope you find this information useful and helpful.

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