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The shelf behind the sofa saves space and creates a new sense of space

The housing situation in old Europe is well known to all of us – small apartments in the big cities that also offer little storage space. In most cases one tries to use every corner and every square centimeter. In the living room, the sofa is traditionally on the wall, which is then decorated according to your mood and taste. Yes, such a room design certainly doesn’t look bad, but today we would like to give you new ideas. Why don’t you put a shelf behind the sofa? In this way you would have plenty of space to display your books, pictures or souvenirs. In addition, you would add a spectacular touch to the room with a shelf behind the sofa and thus prove that you think “out of the box”. Below we give you great tips on how to do this. You can use it to create a whole new sense of space in your own four walls.

Regal hinter Sofa

Now move the sofa away from the wall and you create new room perspectives

Regal hinter Sofa neues Raumgefühl kreieren graue Wände Möbel grauer Teppich

… and create a completely new feeling of space.

  • A shelf behind the sofa offers many new design ideas that we did not know until now

Nobody likes blank walls these days. Especially at home, where the space is always insufficient, we try to make full use of it. A shelf behind the sofa will certainly present you with new challenges in terms of room design. On the one hand, it only has to have open areas and not complicate the overall look of the living room. This shelf still has to fit perfectly into the overall design concept, i.e. its design, shape and color have to match the rest of the room furnishings. The shelf behind the sofa gives us interesting opportunities to display our favorite books there and always have them to hand. There is definitely space on this shelf for beautiful family photos that you would like to keep in front of your eyes. Just a few flowers in a vase or pot, small souvenirs and scented candles would round off this space and make it look great.

In this open living area all in gray and white, the elegant shelf behind the sofa bed is perfectly inscribed.

großer offener Raum in Grau und Weiß Regal

Klassisches Regal hinter Sofa viele Bücher und Souvenirs sind dort ausgestellt

Or do you prefer a classic shelf behind the sofa, where people like to display their books and souvenirs?

  • Sofa can serve as a room divider and have an attached shelf

If you opt for a shelf behind a sofa, you have many options for attaching it. For example, the sofa doesn’t always have to be against the wall. It can be converted and used as a room divider. Your sofa can separate individual areas of a room from one another, for example the dining room from the living area. In this case, you can gain new space and storage space and add a low shelf behind the sofa. On the one hand, it should not exceed the height of the basic piece of furniture and, on the other hand, it should not be conspicuous, but only support the entire room design concept. The next two photo examples show this very clearly.

Niedriges Regal hinter Sofa trennt Wohn und Essbereich

A low shelf behind the sofa separates the living and dining areas.

Image 12: Low shelf behind sofa separates living area from beautiful room design books figures mural bonsai tree

Now scroll down to see more great pictures and furnishing options for Shelf behind Sofa. These should serve as a source of inspiration for your own interior design at home. The editorial team wishes you a lot of fun!

Regal hinter Sofa Wohnzimmer Bücher Bilder Vasen Sitzkissen weiß

It is worthwhile to dare to make such a change.

Weißes Regal hinter Sofa Wohnzimmer Teppiche Sessel Wandbild Kaffeetisch Laptop

Regal hinter Sofa sehr ansprechende Raumgestaltung weiße Möbel

The sofa should not be directly against the wall …

Regal hinter Sofa viele Bücher Bilder Kerzen Lampen

Better move it away from the wall!

Regal hinter Sofa graues Raumdesign

So you can make better use of the free space and buy a shelf behind the sofa.

Tolle Designidee Ledersofa niedriges Regal an zwei Seiten angebracht

Great idea! The sofa bed stands in the middle of the room and is surrounded on two sides by elegant shelves.

Wohnzimmer in Weiß und Grau Regal hinter Sofa

Everything in visual harmony with each other!

modernes Wohnzimmer Wandregal

rosa Sofa lila Sessel Regal hinter Sofa schönes Wohnzimmer


modernes Wohnzimmer Stehlampe Rega

modernes Wohnzimmer niedriges Regal hinter Sofa

modernes Wohnzimmer Wandregal hinter Sofa Deko Kissen als Farbakzente Bilder Zimmerpflanze

Regal hinter Sofa als Raumteiler tolle Gestaltungsideen modernes Wohnzimmer

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