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The winter jasmine beautifies your garden in the cold season

Winter in Germany is cold and gray, and our gardens and parks don’t look very good either, because most of the plants and flowers are currently resting and enjoying their hibernation. There are, however, a few winter bloomers, which we also enjoy in cold and frosty weather and bring colorful accents to the outside area. The winter jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum) is undoubtedly a real representative of this particular group of plants. The plant is still called real jasmine or yellow jasmine. Especially in the cold and dreary season it comes to life and delights the eyes and soul with its natural beauty.

winter jasmine

You can still see these delicate white flowers in December.

The origin of this wintry beauty is also interesting. The winter jasmine originally comes from China, more precisely from the northern and western provinces of this distant country, where it grows in thickets, on slopes and in ravines. The beautiful plant came to Europe in 1844 and today it adorns our parks and gardens.
Image 8: Delicate flowers in yellow, even at minus temperatures.

jasmine bleed

Enjoy the play of colors that winter jasmine offers you in the cold.

The winter jasmine is an ornamental shrub, its flowering time falls between January and April, but also earlier, somewhat in December, we can see its delicate flowers. Choose a sheltered spot in the garden for your winter jasmine and it will thank you for years with its splendor of flowers in winter. The plant likes sunny to partially shaded locations, is absolutely hardy, because the buds can tolerate very low temperatures (down to minus 15 degrees C). The winter jasmine is not a demanding plant, on the contrary! It is even easy to care for. It thrives wonderfully as a hanging or climbing plant, on the garden wall or in a bucket. He likes slightly calcareous and nutrient-rich soil. If the winter jasmine grows in you as a climbing plant, it needs climbing help. In this case, you need to secure a scaffold for him to climb up. Since it does not form its own climbing organs, it spreads its side branches and thus climbs to walls, trellises or pergola, where it clings to. No matter where exactly the winter jasmine grows, it looks very decorative and provides nice splashes of color in the bare winter landscape. Another interesting fact is that the winter jasmine actually sheds its leaves in autumn and the flowers appear on bare branches in winter. But these are green, which is why many people think that the winter jasmine is an evergreen plant. That is not the case, but what is important is that we can admire its real bloom all winter long. Especially in the darkest season, when each of us longs for more color and natural beauty.
Photo 4: You can experience so much beauty in winter!

bleeding winter jasmine vase

Beautiful yellow flowers appear on bare branches.


Very rustic and very decorative – the yellow winter jasmine!

flowers-yellow-red-one after the other

The yellow flowers open one after the other and present us with a long-lasting play of colors.

sprigs of jasmine already

If you want to bring more color into your garden ………….


Numerous bright flowers delight the eye and soul.

winter jasmine-blood-tender

The bright yellow flowers are in the mood and cheerfully

winter jasmine-2

A sunny location would be great!

winter jasmine-tender flowers

Nature is the greatest artist and often surprises us with her wonderful creations.

winter jasmine-yellow-numbing-already

Tenderness and blaze of color in one!

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