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The wooden table – a classic in interior design

The wooden table is stable, can serve you well for many years and because of its resistance it is called a piece of furniture for a lifetime. Do you think the wooden table design is not varied and looks old-fashioned? On the contrary, the variety of table models made of solid wood is great. In the next few lines we will try to convince you of this and show you different types of wood for your new wooden table:

Birch wood living room furniture interior-wooden table

Birch furniture is synonymous with comfort in the living room

  • The maple wood, with its yellowish-white color, is preserved for a long time. Darker variants of this shade are also possible. Only intended for the interior, it is characterized by its subtle appearance.

  • With its reddish-brown color, cherry wood is one of the dark types of wood. It darkens in sunlight, but should rather be used in interior design and used to make high-quality furniture. It looks great compared to other materials.

  • The walnut wood has a rich brown color, the colors are different and depending on the location. It is particularly easy to work with, although it looks very interesting untreated. The material is robust and suitable for making tables, but it is rather expensive.

As you have seen, most of the variants are intended for the interior. When buying, we advise you to choose this dining table that retains the character of the wood (we accept small irregularities). The other selection criteria depend entirely on you and your personal taste.

Maple wood table dining room interior-wooden table

Maple wood table in the dining room

Maple wood table, table top, blue glass-wood table

Maple wood table combined with a table top made of blue glass

Birch wood table modern wooden table

Modern table made of birch wood

Buchholz dining table plain wooden table

Buchholz dining table in a simple design

Buchholz kitchen kitchen planning furniture wooden table

Buchholz can be seen clearly in this kitchen

Oak wood dining room wooden table

Oak wood in the dining room

Heartwood living room solid wood furnishing ideas-wooden table

Heartwood in the living room

Cherrywood wall shelf rounded wooden living room furniture

A wall shelf made of cherry wood completes the living room look

Cherry tree table in detail-wooden table

Cherry tree table in detail

Walnut solid wood natural wood cantilever glass wall wooden table

Walnut wood is a preferred material in furniture manufacture in many cases

Walnut modern designer wooden table

Walnut wood in a modern design

Wild oak table cantilever leather wooden table

Wild oak solid wood is a real eye-catcher in every dining room

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