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These common mistakes in kitchen design should be avoided

The modern and multifunctional kitchen is associated with high spending, as well as with an investment of a lot of time and effort. You want to have such a sophisticated design done once, and properly! The right choice of materials and high-quality equipment are high on the wish list. Read carefully our good advice on the main elements of kitchen planning and really try to avoid some mistakes!

What flooring would be wrong for the kitchen?

The kitchen needs a hard-wearing floor covering. Even with a careful cook, spilled liquids or falling objects can damage the kitchen floor. The materials that cannot withstand these effects include:

  • The laminate floor – it is not moisture-repellent and can easily be deformed
  • The parquet or wooden floor – soaks up any liquids or oils and cannot be cleaned with ordinary cleaning agents
  • The kitchen tiles – such poor quality tiles are prone to breakage

Which floor covering is then best suited for the kitchen area?

Our tip: Invest in a practical, promising material such as granite or high-quality floor tiles. However, if the look of a wooden floor is important to you, you can divide your kitchen into two areas: one with hard-wearing flooring and one with attractive, less-used laminate flooring.

Kitchen equipment choose flooring high quality tiles

If you have decided on floor tiles, we can only recommend the high quality tile models

How does the kitchen show its better side?

Make sure there is sufficient lighting in the kitchen area. Insufficient light often results in an uncomfortable feeling of space that is not related to the furnishings. Above all, the worktops, the sink and the stove should be supplied with extra lighting so that you can cook and bake comfortably.

Our tip: Increase the quality of light in the kitchen, for example by installing an LED strip over your worktop to save space. The installation takes little time and money and supplies all the required places with light.

Kitchen renovation lighting kitchen LED countertops

You need just as strong light above the worktop in the kitchen as you do at the desk

How do you ensure optimal ventilation in the kitchen?

Poor ventilation can be a major disadvantage of modern kitchen systems. A good ventilation system and modern extractor hood are now a must in every kitchen.

Our tip: If you don’t want to change the look of your kitchen, you can choose an extractor hood with a stylish design and install it as well. It is best to seek advice from a professional. He can tell you how to easily integrate everything you need into your kitchen equipment.

Integrate kitchen area air exchange hood

The extractor hood is indispensable in the modern kitchen

How are the worktops protected as a preventive measure?

Regardless of the width and functionality of a worktop, the kitchen rear wall tends to get dirty. If possible, plan this area in advance, because you should always have a variant for the kitchen rear wall ready. An unprotected wall surface can lead to laborious maintenance.

Our tip: Install ceramic kitchen tiles because they can be cleaned in no time. Glass or other modern materials are also well suited with their glossy surfaces. Wooden elements, chipboard or MDF are other alternatives, but they require more maintenance and are difficult to maintain.

Kitchen back wall solution against dirt

An easy-care material would have to be considered for the kitchen rear wall

Which furniture is practical for the kitchen work area?

Do you have a kitchen island? Do you see any real use in the cooking process? It may seem trendy and desirable at first glance, but this piece of furniture can take up a lot of space in a small kitchen area. In addition to decorative properties, their role in the entire interior is important.

Our tip: leave the kitchen island to the spacious kitchens, where you hardly notice a lack of space. Its main function as a place to prepare meals with a sink and extra storage space could be replaced by a practical round table for two people.

Kitchen design Kitchen island pro contra lack of space

The kitchen island is a great eye-catcher, but it can take up a lot of space in a small kitchen

Hopefully our tips for modern kitchen design have been useful to you. A Dwell thought out Pre-planning saves a lot of inconvenience in all furnishing areas. The best thing would of course be to avoid unwanted mistakes!

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