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These small bedroom decorating ideas have a lot of charm and style

Today we want to deal with the subject of “small bedrooms” again. We will show you some examples of how you can create a cozy and stylishly furnished bedroom despite the limited living space! Stick with it and enjoyeat the enchanting sample pictures!

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Bring a bit of retro flair to a small room in white


A small bedroom in white can be spiced up with colored retro or vintage elements

If you only have a small space, for example in the bedroom, where you canr can place a bed, then try to introduce a bit of pep into the ambience by making the bed look different with a colorful, handmade bedspread. Such a vintage style will make the small bedroom shine. Colorful decorative pillows are color-coordinated with the crochet blanket and round off the look. Simple wall decoration in the same style enhances the retro effect.

In small rooms, the following applies: less is more!


Such a beautiful and charming little bedroom is seldom seen!

Let the sloping windows appear as an eye-catcher in the small bedroom! Keep the whole facility very simple and, if possible, in light colors. The photo shows a great example: snow-white bed linen, light wood and little wall decoration. Despite the simplicity of the furnishings, the room looks charming, doesn’t it?

Use interesting patterns that distract your gaze from the small scales

bed linen-in-flower-patterns

Bring a little romance into the small bedroom! Decorate with floral designs!

Choose a specific theme for the room design and decorate accordingly. This is how you do that too small space breathtaking. Even the smallest room has space for a bed and a bedside table. That could be enough, the other thing is up to your creativity and imagination! Look for unusual bed linen in flower patterns and these are your highlights in the bedroom! Match the color of the pillow cases and lampshades and choose fresh flower patterns for them again. Now take a step back and look at the interior. Does the bedroom look small with that sky blue bed on the light wooden floor and walls painted white? We think it’s just perfect!

A new arrangement of the bedroom furniture means in most cases a completely new feeling of space

bedroom furniture

A small bedroom in the attic could be very romantic and at the same time super practical

Often the bedroom and bathroom are next to each other and have a seamless transition. This means that you shouldn’t actually feel completely restricted despite the reduced space in the room. Take a close look at the architectural features of the room and think about how you can best use them when rearranging the furniture. A sloping window should never be a problem because it brings a lot of romance into the room. Use its function as a natural eye-catcher and place the bed under it. Half of the wall under the slope could serve as a practical shelf for everything that does not fit on the small bedside table. Use the free walls for mirrors, which can visually enlarge the small space.

Play You with the light and try to get the best out of it for your interior design


Three colors are enough for the design of a small bedroom – light gray, white and stone gray are all combined in one irresistible

Use colors in the small bedroom that really come into their own in daylight! See in the picture how to play with the daylight and really let the skilfully selected colors shine. Here you rely on a color palette that usually works well: light gray and white, paired with great accents in stone gray. The small bedroom exudes a happy feeling, don’t you think?

A simple vintageMetal bed frame in black steals the show here!

vintage metal bed frame

A retro metal bed frame is the absolute eye-catcher in this bedroom! Good ideas always pay off!

Just because your bedroom is small means not that you are about to despair. No, you can show great ideas even in a limited area! For example, a black metal bed frame in a vintage-style look can look simple but very elegant. In this case, keep the walls and floor coverings neutral and nothing could disturb you in this bedroom!

The headboard and pillow are in perfect harmony – both have the same flower pattern!


Flower patterns on home textiles are in again!

This is a lovely little bedroom that is undoubtedly one of my favorites! Flower-patterned headboard and pillows are masterfully coordinated and enchant with their soft colors. Everything else is done in snow white, only the wooden beams come to the fore and reinforce the romantic flair.


Make the bed a colorful eye-catcher


A mix of bright colors and ethnic patterns makes the small bedroom shine!

Maybe you are aiming for one impressive and original new look for your small bedroom? Don’t forget, there are no strict rules here!

A mix of glowing Colors and ethnic style make your bed and the whole room look surprisingly beautiful. If you keep the whole room white and just make the bed the colored eye-catcher, that will make the room visually open up. Colorful ethnic patterns have been used here. What color and pattern do you want to choose for your small bedroom?

Minimal setup for a better look


Simple and beautiful – this is how this small bedroom appears

It is well known that the minimal interior decoration makes the ambience appear bigger. The white color must be dominant, as well as a neutral wooden floor and accessories reduced to a minimum are a must in such rooms. They allow the sunlight theres small, fancy bedrooms flood. If it’s on the roof, place the bed under the slope. The white walls and the sloping ceiling bring the special features of the room to the fore. A chic floor lamp gives the room the finishing touch.

Try it with Strawberry red and creamy white

country-style bedroom

So much romance and charm in a small bedroom!

Would you like a bedroom in Country style? Or not quite? Take a look at our last sample picture and be honest: Aren’t you impressed? The look in this tiny attic room is just great! Ivory-colored walls and ceiling, a gently patterned headboard in strawberry red and creamy white and the bedding in a mix of floral patterns and monochrome pieces. Everything is in absolute harmony with colors and the room exudes warmth and rural charm. I want to sleep in such a small bedroom too! And you?

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