This is how it works: Vehicle registration process

MarkRegardless of the insurance for a vehicle, it must be registered and approved with the registration authority. The round sticker on the license plate is then assigned and the vehicle can also be driven in traffic. If you have an unauthorized vehicle at home, you should only drive it on your own property or on a non-public parking lot.


Nowadays the process of registering a car has become very easy in many places. The following steps apply to almost all approvals:

Organize insurance (Liability necessarily, Fully comprehensive optional)
In Germany, every car must be insured against liability. (Explanation: Liability and comprehensive insurance) Only those who can show liability insurance can register their vehicle. Liability insurance covers damage to third-party vehicles and is intended to protect against unaffordable amounts of damage. The insurance is proven at the registration office by means of an electronic insurance confirmation. You can apply for the eVB number required for this from your insurance company in advance. In order to find the cheapest insurance for each model, we explicitly recommend this comparison page.

Proof of a main and exhaust gas inspection (only re-registration)
In the case of a used vehicle, proof of the main inspection by the TÜV and the special emissions inspection must be submitted to ASU. In addition, the previous license plates or a confirmation of deregistration must be presented, even if the vehicle comes from a different registration district.

Possibly: reserve your desired license plate
Especially when you own your first car, it is fun to look for free license plates online. Almost all local registration offices offer an online service with which you can check the free license plates and combinations. Usually you can reserve a license plate for a few days for a surcharge. You bring the finished sign with you:

Bring your license plate (The car itself does not have to be there)
Since the corresponding approval marks are affixed to the license plate, they must be presented to the approval office in any case. The cheapest and easiest way to order the license plates in advance is online; 3D license plates are now also possible in Germany. However, almost all registration offices also have license plate shops nearby that can print labels in next to no time.

Don’t forget important documents
In addition to the steps mentioned above, 3 further documents are required for vehicle registration: The Vehicle registration and Vehicle registration document (Meanwhile called registration certificate part I and II) as well as the Identity card of the holder.

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