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This way, the apartment and children’s room stay cool even in summer


Most people, of course, look forward to summer. Finally recharge your batteries with vitamin D and enjoy lots of fresh air. If it weren’t for those uncomfortably hot nights. Even adults roll over from side to side in bed – and hardly find any sleep. It is even more difficult for children to cope with the hot temperatures in the children’s room. In the case of babies, there is also the fact that they are not able to regulate their body temperature well by themselves in the first year of life. It’s not funny in the heat. We’ll give you great tips to get the children’s room to an acceptable temperature even in real heat.

As little sunlight as possible

The most important basis for preventing the children’s room from heating up too much during the day is to allow as little direct sunlight as possible. Whoever owns roller shutters has a clear advantage here, of course. During the day, simply open the shutters just open. This way, light comes in so that the room can be used. However, only little heat radiation.

Blinds and curtains as sun protection in the children's room
Blinds and thick curtains can also serve as sun protection. (Image: © Photographee.eu / Adobe Stock)

Alternatively, internal blinds can also be used, or simply a thick, dark fabric that is stretched into the frame. If you now keep the door to the other rooms (which may not be darkened) closed or open, the room temperature remains a good deal cooler than in the rest of the apartment.

This is how you ventilate the apartment in summer

If we darken the room during the day to avoid direct sunlight, ventilation during the day also makes no sense. Because all we do is bring the hot air back into the house – and any form of blackout was pointless.

Apartment ventilation through window
Fresh morning air through the window (Image: © Bonsales / Adobe Stock)

It is therefore ventilated in the early morning hours or after sunset – or when it has cooled down a bit outside. As soon as it gets warmer outside in the early morning, all windows should be closed so that you can enjoy the cool morning air a little longer.

Use fans and air conditioners correctly

Of course, air conditioners are the ultimate solution for many things. Mobile monoblocks can now be bought for around 250 euros. However, power consumption can skyrocket if the air conditioner doesn’t match the square footage to be cooled. So please never place a device that is designed for 25 m² in a room that is much larger. It would run continuously and still hardly get the room cooled down.

Kind mit Ventilator
Image: © New Africa / Adobe Stock

IMPORTANT: Whether it’s a fan, air conditioner or draft, babies and children should never play or even sleep in a draft!

Not everyone can or would like to purchase an air conditioner directly. Because even fans can do a decent job in summer. They don’t actively cool the air down, but they do get it moving. And that is often enough to make you feel much more comfortable in the apartment.

The fan tip: On particularly hot days, you can upgrade your fan to a mini air conditioner with the help of a wet towel. If the air is blown through the wet towel, it cools down considerably. Whenever the cloths get dry, you just rewet them. But be careful: fans run on electricity. So please do not use dripping wet cloths. In addition, towels can be eaten by the fan if they get between the blades.

By the way, you can hang wet towels in the window when airing the room in the morning or evening. In this case, too, the draft is additionally cooled – and the room too.

  • Never underestimate the waste heat from electrical appliances. Because it is sometimes enormous. Whether TV, laptop or its big brother (the PC), all of them generate a lot more heat when switched on than you should think. If you consistently switch it off when not in use, it stays cooler.
  • The same applies to light sources. If you are not yet using any LEDs, you can also save a lot of heat radiation here by replacing them.
  • Swap your cold foam mattress against a pocket spring mattress. The air can circulate better there. Cold foam stores heat – and releases it again. Spring mattresses can regulate heat (and also cold) better.
  • Plants in the house not only improve the air in general, they can also, purely subjectively, make rooms feel cooler. However, it works much better with really large plants. For example with palm trees or bamboo.
  • Before bedtime take a shower that is not too cold. Those who take a cold shower are refreshed for a moment, but still perceive the environment as unbearably warm. You can only step out of the shower in a pleasantly cool environment if the body is showered warm and cozy.
  • Also the wall color can have an enormous impact on room temperatures. Light walls reflect the light better. So the walls don’t heat up so extremely.


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