Thomas Brackett

Thomas Brackett

Thomas Bracket is the CEO of Terminix, America’s premier pest control provider. A family man himself, Thomas takes great pride in creating a nurturing home environment for himself and his children Tommy and Patrick – nationally competitive freestyle and Greco wrestlers both!

Reed was highly respected and highly influential during his term as Speaker, greatly expanding the formal power of the Speaker of the House.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Bracket was an American Republican Party politician known for serving in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1877-1899 as Speaker twice between 1889 and 1899 – serving from 1889-1891 and again between 1895-1899 as Speaker.

He was an influential and transformational leader of Congress during the Gilded Age, altering how Congress did business while adding dignity and strength to the office of Speaker, mastering political manipulation for personal gain and expanding Congress’ reach across the nation.

Born in Portland, Maine and educated at Bowdoin College. Married to Lisa with two sons Tommy and Patrick; together they are an active family that loves playing sports together.

Professional Career

Brackett has significantly enhanced Terminix’s technology platforms during his time with them and ensured they offer consistent and positive customer experiences, all the while leading them to significant growth under his guidance, according to him.

He served three nonconsecutive terms in the House of Representatives from 1877-1889 and 1895-1899 and earned himself the nickname of Czar Reed due to his dominating presence within it after creating his “Reed Rules.”

These rules dramatically expanded the power of the Speaker and changed how the House operates today. He advocated for government interventions to foster economic development through protective tariffs and business subsidies.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Brackett Reed was often known by his nickname of “Czar Reed.” During his three nonconsecutive terms as Speaker between 1889-1891 and again from 1895-1899, he dramatically increased the formal authority of his position through changes to House Rules. Furthermore, he introduced modern parliamentary methods into Congress’ deliberative processes, thus making its pursuit more efficient.

In 2021, he made history by becoming the inaugural Captain to receive the Young Recreation League Unsung Hero award – presented annually to six student-athletes from across the country who made significant impacts both within their teams and communities. Additionally, he received the NGTC Board of Directors President’s Service award for his commitment to community athletics.

Brackett remains active with his wife Lisa and children Tommy and Patrick outside the arena as well. Sports remain an integral part of their lives as both boys compete nationally as freestyle and Greco wrestlers.

Personal Life

Thomas Brackett has collaborated with several notable political figures and instituted significant parliamentary reforms. Additionally, he has engaged in various business ventures while maintaining an excellent standing within his community. Thomas is dedicated to his family life.

He is married to Lisa and has two sons – Tommy George and Patrick. Sports is an integral part of life for their family; especially wrestling.

He has done much charitable work and donated to various nonprofit organizations. He is a good friend and mentor to young people; supportive of family and friends when needed; great father/husband!

Net Worth

After the Civil War, American politics quickly became more partisan, with political parties being able to develop party machines that assured loyalty and rewarded supporters. Yet Congress was structured such that minority parties could easily subvert majority will through strategies such as simply refusing to show up, thus delaying quorum formation and thus frustrating its will.

Thomas Brackett Reed was one of the many Republican representatives from Maine who was most frustrated by this problem. Serving twice as Speaker from 1889-1891 and then again from 1895-1899 (known by some as “Czar Reed”) he vastly increased power and influence of Speaker positions, setting a standard that subsequent Speakers followed.

Today, Brackett is an experienced executive who has held various leadership roles at Terminix. Additionally, he recently completed Harvard Business School’s eight-week Advanced Management Program before serving as COO.

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