Thomas Dobbert

TMCC Athlete of the Year – Thomas Dobbert

Dobbert noted that cost is one factor holding smaller institutions back from adopting cloud services, along with meeting vendor expectations, integrating with services, and creating contracts.

Justice Lohr’s dissent asserts that using the 1991 statute violates ex post facto clause, yet does not acknowledge Dobbert and Collins “fair warning” test.

Early Life and Education

Dobbert averaged 9.1 points and 11.6 rebounds per game during his time at Wheaton College, contributing significantly to their late 1950s success, which included winning an NCAA College Division title.

Duane Dobbert, an internationally acclaimed forensic psychologist, presents in this in-depth study of serial killers the results of years-long behavior that signaled their eventual monstrosity. From Herman Mudgett (convicted of 27 murders) to Jeffrey Dahmer – Dobbert shows these precursor behaviors could be recognized and prevented if their indicators were recognized by professionals from education, health care and law enforcement agencies.

Tom leaves behind his beloved pets; step-niece Sally Saunders and her two children; great-nephew Mason Specht; as well as numerous nieces and nephews who cherish his memory. Additionally, he was an avid collector of coins and history.

Professional Career

Dobbert is currently working to incorporate a cybersecurity awareness training package into TMCC’s onboarding and employee training processes and to secure funding to support cyberattack prevention and recovery efforts.

Modlin recognized that municipal employees undertake special duties and responsibilities toward certain individuals not generally shared by the public, and there exists a “reliance interest” in those whose actions are negligent. But in Dobbert the Court took an expansive view of what constitutes “procedural change”, effectively undermining constitutional protection against ex post facto legislation.

Sergeant Hancock of the Youth Division received a call from Mrs. Dobbert alleging neglect and abuse to her children by two police officers, Patrolman Eversole and Detective Bacon who went to her house but did not perform an examination on any of them.

Achievement and Honors

Dobbert made his mark during his fifth season with the WolfPack by becoming one of three consecutive male WolfPack athletes to earn U SPORTS First Team All Canadian honours at outside hitter position. Additionally, Dobbert received the prestigious Dr. Roger H. Barnsley Scholar award based on both athletic and academic performance – his peers included swimmer Ryley McRae and soccer player Mitchell Popadynetz among them as nominees.

Dobbert was also honored with being selected the WolfPack Sports Task Force Male Athlete of the Year by their peers on team. Voted upon by all WolfPack athletes and coaches, Dobbert joins teammates Gord Perrin and Brad Gunter as multiple U SPORTS All-Canadians while also becoming Canada West All-Star and men’s team captain for this team.

Personal Life

Thom was an enthusiastic beekeeper who taught many others his trade. Additionally, he was an avid reader and studied Hebrew. A true gentleman, he will be deeply missed by both family and two step-nephews who survive him.

In Dobbert, the Court found that changes to law regarding jury and judge involvement in imposition of death penalty do not violate ex post facto clause, since such procedural changes did not increase either punishment for crime committed by Dobbert nor proof required to convict him.

Investigators Miller and Hotze did not visit the Dobbert home or conduct a complete physical exam of John, which would have revealed numerous abrasions on his chest and body.

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