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Thomas Drouet’s Diary Reveals Disadvantages of Working With Bernard Tomic

Thomas Drouet recently made headlines when he shared excerpts from a diary he kept during his seven months working with Bernard Tomic and revealed daily discord between members of Team Tomic as well as John Tomic’s abusive treatment of Bernard’s younger star, with whom they worked.

Australian male tennis player Nick Kyrgios faces court hearing in Madrid for allegations of head-butting his hitting partner; his father claims it was self-defense.

Early Life and Education

Yesterday afternoon, one of tennis’s most violent disputes reached its resolution in an unlikely location – a GP’s surgery beneath an unassuming block of flats in Nice. But that’s precisely where John Tomic and Bernard Drouet, Thomas Drouet’s former hitting partner was set down before it finally ended its litigation against each other.

Monegasque Drouet suffered a broken nose after Tomic Sr, his father and coach, headbutted him outside a hotel during Madrid Masters last May. Tomic claimed it was in self-defence.

Drouet’s diary detailing his time spent with the Tomics provides a far more vivid account of their often difficult relationship. According to him, elder Tomic treated team members like dogs while also being manipulative and cheap with his money; additionally Tomic could often become aggressive and physical abusive towards Drouet and was sometimes physically abusive as well.

Professional Career

Thomas Drouet has become one of the best-known coaches on tour for his work with Serena Williams and Peng Shuai (French Open champion). Drouet is especially renowned for working with female players; as such he has received extended bans as punishment from tournament officials due to this work.

John Tomic, father of Australian tennis star Bernard Tomic, found himself embroiled in controversy after an altercation with Thomas Drouet – his son’s hitting partner – on Saturday in Madrid that left Drouet’s nose broken as a result of being headbutted.

At a court hearing held Monday, Tomic denied any charge of assault against him, maintaining that his head-butt against Drouet was in self-defense and only occurred due to fatherly treatment; previously speaking to Herald Sun of Australia as quoted above about having been treated like an animal by him and an argument over payment ensued shortly before this headbutt occurred.

Achievement and Honors

Bernard Tomic and John have had an often turbulent relationship, leading many in Australian tennis to debate his paternity. On Monday in Madrid court John was charged with headbutting Thomas Drouet – his training partner before the Madrid Masters on May 4. John denied these allegations citing self-defense as his justification.

Salvador Sosa, who worked closely with Bernard for seven months until parting ways out of sheer frustration, noted that more John Tomic pushed for discipline, the more his son withdrew into computer fantasy games and partying until early morning hours.

Drouet, who published excerpts of his diary this week in News Corp Australia, expressed disappointment with Tomic Snr’s refusal to accept a court verdict that found him responsible of assaulting and breaking Frenchman Drouet outside their Madrid hotel.

Personal Life

Thomas Drouet’s diary entries released this week revealed his seven months of hell on Team Tomic. Drouet notes how, the harder Tomic Sr attempted to enforce discipline, the more his son disappeared into computer fantasy games or sneaked out to nightclubs until early morning hours.

John Tomic, father of Australia’s number-one player Bernard Tomic, has denied allegations he assaulted Thomas Drouet of Monegasque training partner Thomas Drouet while striking Spanish trainer Francisco Martinez in self-defence as his lawyer stated before telling a judge in Madrid about it on April 14. A court will rule in May 14 hearing session on this case and experts have called on Tomic to part ways from coaching ties with his father.

Net Worth

Thomas Drouet is an affluent professional tennis coach. Currently he coaches Chinese player Qiang Wang who holds both singles and doubles WTA 123 titles as well as being in the top 30 doubles rankings – she plays right-handed.

In 2019, Drouet reached the quarterfinals of the US Open with his client. Prior to that, he coached Timea Babos and Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova; Jo-Wilfried Tsonga; Australian bad boy Bernard Tomic as well as assaulting John Tomic’s coach John in Spain costing almost $450,000 in damages incurred; Drouet received help from French Tennis Federation to recover financially and professionally after this incident occurred.

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