Thomas Francisco

Thomas Francisco, Attorney at Law

Thomas Francisco was a professional baseball player for both Palm Beach Cardinals and Peoria Chiefs in addition to gaining experience in community-based research regarding HIV prevention and chronic illness prevention.

Abingdon native Cody McIntosh was selected by the Cardinals in the 19th round and will make his MLB debut later this season.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Francisco was an esteemed educator and mentor with an enormous heart. He dedicated himself to supporting students, families and communities; was an avid sports fan; coached his daughters’ basketball and softball teams and enjoyed traveling.

Francis was raised in western Pennsylvania and attended Allegheny College on scholarship before earning a medical degree from Yale University School of Medicine. Following time at Rockefeller Institute and University of Michigan’s Department of Epidemiology he helped to develop flu vaccines.

Francis was well known for his research into influenza viruses, overseeing field trials of Jonas Salk’s polio vaccines developed under his supervision. Francis published several books and articles related to epidemiology before passing away on October 1, 1969.

Professional Career

Thomas Francisco is an associate attorney in the Northern District Court of California. He joined this firm in 2022, specializing in patent litigation. With experience both in technology and public law fields, his practice offers clients peace of mind when facing legal disputes over intellectual property matters.

Abingdon native Gavin Williams was selected 19th overall by the St. Louis Cardinals this year but decided against returning for two more seasons of eligibility to turn pro instead. He becomes the third ECU player to do this; former Oriole Connor Norby signed with Baltimore while first-round pick Gavin Williams made Cleveland his home.

Francis is an exceptional switch hitter who boasts solid bat speed from both sides of the plate, and will likely develop more power with age. Additionally, his strong arm could enable him to remain at shortstop.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Francisco has achieved many notable accolades and awards throughout his life, such as:

Robert is also a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, where he has received several honors, such as winning numerous awards such as the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers – an honor awarded by the United States government to early career researchers.

He has also received the American Physical Society’s Leroy P. Steele Medal award, given for exceptional technical or administrative work done by members.

He is survived by his wife, Jane Francisco of Columbus; daughters Jenny (Curtis) Boggs from Columbus and Beth (Thomas Brueggemann) Guthrie of Fishers as well as Rebecca Shull of Indianapolis; grandchildren Zachary Daniel Madison Boggs Brody Hunter Shull will all miss him dearly and memorial services will take place shortly.

Personal Life

Thomas Francisco was survived by his wife, Jane Francisco; daughters Jenny (Curtis) Boggs and Beth (Thomas Brueggemann) Guthrie both of Columbus; Rebecca (David) Shull of Fishers; grandchildren Daniel and Sarah Boggs, Brody Hunter Shull and Zachary and Madison Guthrie as well as his sister Janet Ross. Memorial contributions can be made to First Lutheran Church or Our Hospice of South Central Indiana with MyersReed Chapel on 25th Street handling arrangements arrangements.

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Net Worth

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He has appeared in multiple films and television series, such as CBC’s The Hours. Additionally, he narrates over 340 books through Audible.

He first made his acting debut in the Broadway play Sunrise at Campobello before appearing in various soap operas such as As the World Turns and A Flame in the Wind. To date he has appeared in over 68 films and 49 TV shows.

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