Thomas Hamori

Thomas Hamori – A Review of His Course

Hamori takes great care in providing extra assistance outside the classroom and I highly recommend taking one of his courses – they’re sure to challenge and excite! His notes are posted online, office hours are plentiful and examples are given generously! I highly recommend his course!

Professional Career

Hamori was a biology teacher at Erasmus Hall High School before going on to work as a professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of South Carolina. Known for his ground-breaking research on primate visual systems, including several books and papers published. A passionate educator who cared deeply for his students; classroom was always full with students eagerly waiting for lectures or office hours with him. Allejandra Martinez, Frances Stickel, Geoff Mueller, Gina Lesher, Jennifer Tara Neumann Karen Davis Katy L Stickel Kraig R Stickel and Russell K Mohney were believed to have known him and been friends with them all.

Personal Life

Hamori cares deeply for each student in his class and is always happy to answer any questions that arise. He regularly posts notes and examples online as well as hosting plenty of office hours so students can understand the material better. Truly amazing teacher!

Shmueli recounts in this memoir his family life and early years; his mother’s conversion to Judaism before she abandoned it when Hitler came into power; deportation to Theresienstadt where he made an appearance in a Nazi propaganda film made there; liberation from Theresienstadt in 1945 and eventual immigrating with his father into Israel in 1947 – his book was published in 2012.

Michael J Hamori is associated with Alejandra Martinez, April S Shutack, Christina Nicole Degidio, Daniel J Mueller, Frances Stickel (grandmother), Gerald C Stickel (father), Karen Davis, Kimberly A Hardman Kraig R Stickel Linda C Stickel & Michelle A Stickel.

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