Thomas Hibbs

Thomas Hibbs

Thomas Hibbs is an esteemed professor of ethics and culture as well as dean emeritus of Baylor University. He earned both his BA in English from University of Dallas as well as MA and PhD degrees in philosophy from Notre Dame.

He is an adept teacher and frequently comments on popular culture via radio shows such as All Things Considered. Additionally, he has written, edited or provided introductions for several books.

Early Life and Education

Hibbs is the author of several books, such as Pascal on Self-Discovery. Additionally, he frequently appears on radio programs to discuss film and popular culture; and is a graduate from both the University of Dallas and Boston College.

Hibb credits his University of Dayton education with helping to foster his appreciation of liberal arts. After enrolling as a seminarian, Hibb eventually graduated in 1982 with a Paideia personalized major — previously known as Constantin Scholar major — which allowed him to “integrate his interests in literature and philosophy”.

As president of the University of Dallas, Hibbs has overseen significant expansion on campus. Under his watchful eye, he expanded the school’s presence in Rome, Italy; launched new academic programs; leveraged real estate sales to increase endowments; and published various media articles from National Review and Catholic World Report to First Things and The Weekly Standard.

Professional Career

Thomas Hibbs has an eclectic career encompassing administration (as Dean of Baylor University Honors College), programming (Baylor in Washington), teaching, and academic publications. Currently he holds both the J. Newton Rayzor Sr. Distinguished Professor of Philosophy as well as Dean Emeritus titles at Baylor.

He teaches medieval philosophy and contemporary ethics, with a particular interest in Christianity’s history and other religious traditions. Additionally, he is adept at collecting and preserving cultural heritage; cataloguing his treasures on digital archive websites.

He is an intellectual who does not shy away from speaking his mind on issues of importance. As an advocate of higher education that considers human goals seriously, he strongly believes that universities should serve as places where people can gain knowledge about the world while discovering their callings.

Achievement and Honors

Hibbs has taught at both the University of Dallas and Notre Dame, making him an adept scholar on various subjects ranging from medieval philosophy to contemporary ethics. As such, he has published 30 academic articles with another two still under review; additionally he has edited or introduced 12 books, three dedicated to Thomas Aquinas’ thought alone.

Baylor University appointed him the director of its programs in Washington DC, overseeing student internships, a religious liberty initiative with Georgetown University and monthly faculty events. Additionally, he helped coordinate study abroad programs in Italy, Greece and Turkey for Baylor.

Hibbs enjoys woodworking, exercising and visiting beaches and mountains during his leisure time. He currently resides with his wife in Gainesville, Va.

Personal Life

Thomas was an incredible son, brother, uncle, nephew and friend who cared deeply about his friends and family. As an engaged citizen who made contributions to Wikipedia as well as researching Hungary sites associated with his heritage – Thomas also loved music, having an eye for finding rare records in second-hand stores bins; non-human animals including researching ferns mushrooms and insects in his spare time were of particular interest to him.

Public Discourse’s interview series continues with Elayne Allen speaking to Thomas Hibbs, Professor of Philosophy and Dean Emeritus at Baylor University. Hibbs provides insights into his career spanning teaching, administration, academic programming and writing in higher education as he discusses trends and challenges within modern higher education institutions.

Net Worth

Hibbs has amassed an estimated net worth of roughly $2 Million during his career. Together with his wife, they manage Calvary Chapel Chino Hills as media personalities and radio hosts – becoming famous among their audience over 36 years of marriage and having two children together.

He earned both his undergraduate and master’s degrees at the University of Dallas before going on to complete a PhD in medieval philosophy from Notre Dame. Prior to coming to Notre Dame, he taught at Thomas Aquinas College and Boston College – serving both institutions as professor of philosophy and chair of their departments.

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