Thomas Hinds

Thomas Hinds Passes Away

Thomas Hinds has always created songs from his heart, radiating with resilient optimism. Over the course of decades, Hinds has graced stages and festivals including Ryman Auditorium.

Hinds previously led Quality Improvement and performance reporting efforts for Wisconsin’s MIECHV program, facilitating improvement projects as well as leading staff recruitment and retention initiatives.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Hinds began his professional musical career as a bassoonist, performing with several professional orchestras. While at this stage he also served as stage manager’s assistant, helping with touring logistics and providing logistic support. By learning so much about the industry he made the decision to become a conductor himself.

Hinds has an intimate knowledge of education. His film roles include “The Debt”, “Salvation Boulevard” and “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”, as well as recently appearing in Kenneth Branagh’s coming-of-age drama, “Belfast”.

He is currently working on his second independent release. It will include both new material and covers that hold special meaning for him. Most of his time is spent performing at various venues around the country – his sound being similar to Ray Lamontagne or Steve Earle.

Professional Career

Thomas Hinds is an actor known for both stage and film performances. He made his acting debut at Glasgow Citizens’ Theatre in 1976 and has performed with Royal Shakespeare Company and Royal National Theatre ever since, such as Big Daddy from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof or as Steppenwolf from Justice League films.

Hinds’ musical career includes bringing Montgomery Symphony Orchestra concerts to life for local children at Davis Theatre through children’s concerts and encouraging students to compete in the Blount-Slawson Competition which allows local youths to conduct the MSO.

Hinds has long been an advocate of director Zack Snyder’s original cut of Justice League, which premiered on HBO in 2021.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Hinds is an experienced troubadour who has spent several years touring around the country with his songs reflecting deep spirituality. He plays them passionately and confidently reminiscent of Ray Lamontagne and Steve Earle’s styles.

Hind’s quick witted and energetic spirit quickly amassed an army of Jefferson County men; quickly growing from a small battalion into a regiment and eventually brigade size units.

Lanie Bradford of Raymond was among those honored with the Hinds Community College Athletic Alumni Chapter Scholarship this year, along with Allisa Pickel from Brandon (center), Christian Oakes from McComb and Rick Trusty of Clinton (right). Hinds established this scholarship program, giving out $4,000 each year to four recipients pursuing careers in military service, teaching or health fields.

Personal Life

Thomas Hinds will be remembered by his wife Francie Beam Hinds; daughters Margaret Hillary Hinds and Frank Preston Dickinson; son Devin Johnston Hinds; grandchildren Gavin Thomas Hinds, Kathryn Hinds and Liam Johnston Dickinson as well as many family and friends he leaves behind. A private memorial service will take place soon.

Thomas spent the beginning of 2019 filling shows across the US while building momentum for his new record, recorded at Fame Studios in Florence Alabama with a band that would later join him across the country. This album blends Americana melodies with Muscle Shoals sounds, opening with “Burning Free,” where Hinds depicts himself “handing out broken dreams.” His album features numerous emotive numbers that showcase Hinds’ growth as a writer.

Net Worth

Hinds has an estimated net worth of around $6 Million. His main source of income comes from acting, though he also earns money through commercial endorsements and voice-over work.

Hinds is a highly renowned actor, appearing in both film and television productions. He is most commonly recognized for his performances in Kenneth Branagh’s “Persuasion”, “Road to Perdition”, and “Munich”. Additionally, Hinds has worked on stage performances with London’s National Theatre as well as Royal Shakespeare Company.

Hinds has held the podium of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra for 10 years and been guest conductor with many orchestras including Ft. Worth Civic Orchestra, Red Mountain Chamber Orchestra, Johnson City Symphony and Gadsden Symphony. Additionally he conducted Birmingham Metropolitan Orchestra and Birmingham Metropolitan Opera Company.

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