Thomas Jaburek

Thomas Jaburek

Thomas Jaburek is a highly esteemed American professor and scientist. His expertise can be found across numerous scientific fields such as astronomy, meteorology, biology and authoring books on these subjects. Additionally, he belongs to several prestigious societies and organizations while being an avid traveler – not to mention being a loving husband and father to four children!

Personal Life

He married Roberta Mary Carroll and together they had one son, Kevin Jacob Jaburek. Additionally he was brother to Thomas (Lisa) Jaburek, Gregory (Danielle) Jaburek and Dawn Jaburek Shallberg as well as being loved uncle, cousin and friend to many. Additionally he enjoyed all sports activities before passing away peacefully on October 27, 2014 at age 86 surrounded by his loving wife Roberta Mary nee Carroll, their children and grandchildren.

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