Thomas Lach

Thomas Lach is known for her extensive range of skills that span event management, business analysis, economics and team leadership. Additionally, she is highly esteemed member of IEEE where she works on issues concerning AI ethics and global governance.

Mark Emmert, former homeland security advisor has praised her honesty and cooperation during the investigation.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Lach grew up with a strong religious upbringing and attended boarding school to train as a priest. However, after witnessing how passive the church is with regards to civil rights issues he decided against following this career path and abandoned them after graduating high school.

From Series 7 on, Thomas & Friends became simply Thomas & Friends while Allcroft and Mitton continued producing. Additionally, Phil Fehrle took over executive producer duties for the show from Angus Wright.

IEEE has honored her work on AI and ethics by making her part of their legal advisory board, Sanctuary for Families based out of New York City and dedicated to aiding victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. Additionally, she acts as an arbitrator in civil courts throughout New York City with matters up to $5,000 value being adjudicated upon by her.

Professional Career

Thomas Lach is a highly accomplished expert in accounting and financial analysis. In addition, he is an outstanding leader who has contributed greatly to the success of organizations he has worked for.

After being denied a gig at Folk City due to his music being too “punk”, he created the Anti-Folk movement in New York City – influencing artists such as Jeffrey Lewis, Beck and Moldy Peaches/Adam Green among many others.

At McGill University, he teaches direct practice and theory courses as well as participating in funded research projects. Additionally, he serves on Sanctuary for Families’ board as well as being a mediator in NYC civil court proceedings. With a keen interest in AI and ethics – recently giving a presentation to Mailchimp engineers and product developers regarding ethical considerations related to AI usage – he recently presented on this topic at Mailchimp Inc.

Achievement and Honors

Lach is an active philanthropist, having served on various boards – such as that of St. Thomas School of Law’s board of governors – as well as being inducted into the National Association of REALTORS RPAC Hall of Fame.

She is also an accomplished singer-songwriter whose music has been featured in films, television shows and radio programs as well as Broadway productions and album recordings.

As a sophomore, she led the Flyers’ cross-country team in all major races. Additionally, she placed 13th on UD’s all-time 8K personal best list and earned numerous awards for her efforts – she is widely renowned for both leadership and commitment to philanthropic causes – in addition to being the beloved mother of Christine Budreck, Hilary Hinds, Cooper Lach and Emalee Kamholz.

Personal Life

Thomas Lach, an internationally acclaimed traveler and businessman, was passionate about education and youth development. He founded InnerCity Tennis and helped build college campuses around the country. Additionally, Thomas served as naval attache in Egypt, Yugoslavia and Martinique.

His loved ones include Violet; son Thomas Lach (Debbie), Margaret Wilson of Duluth and Julie Kotek of New Prague in Minnesota; eight grandchildren including Matt Lach, Tim Lach, Bill Wilson Tony Wilson Elisa and Carter Johnson as well as one brother Jerry Sislo from St Germaine WI.

Thomas was predeceased by both of his parents, siblings Alex and Ed Homeyer as well as sister Janet Homeyer. Thomas was a member of Cathedral of Christ the King Catholic Church in Duluth where he also enjoyed gardening as well as picking mushrooms, blueberries and strawberries from his own plot of land.

Net Worth

Thomas Lach has extensive experience in accounting, financial analysis and team leadership. Over 30 years in finance industry experience has given him valuable skills such as communication, business intelligence, Microsoft Office applications and project management.

Thomas has an estimated net worth of $5 Million. As an accomplished singer who has collaborated with some of the greatest acts in music history, as well as acting roles in movies and television series.

No information has been revealed to the public regarding his personal life; therefore it remains unknown as to his marital or parental status. Regardless, this actor boasts extensive film industry experience with numerous award-winning projects under their belts and multiple nominations and wins to their credit.

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