Thomas Lacolla

Thomas Lacolla, 27, Was Shot In The Chest With 39 Bullets

Recently, Jason Langhorn of the Red Stone Gorilla set of the Bloods was sentenced to 27 years for killing someone not their intended target. On November 17th 2015 he shot at a parked car using 39 bullets.

Early Life and Education

On November 17, 2015, Thomas Lacolla, 27, was sitting in his car on Old Quogue Road in Riverside when 39 shots fired into it were believed to be fired from rival gang members occupying it – most likely under orders from Calverton gang leader Jimmy Dean to eliminate Trendell Walker as soon as possible.

Terrill Latney of Mastic Beach pleaded guilty in February 2020 to racketeering charges related to conspiring to distribute narcotics and participating in the murder, receiving 20 years in federal prison in October. Roger Foster from Baiting Hollow and Willie Belcher from Flanders each plead guilty to brandishing firearms during acts of violence; these two were each sentenced to seven years followed by three years of supervised release from federal custody.

Professional Career

On November 17, 2015, 27-year-old Thomas Lacolla was sitting in his car when he was fatally wounded by bullets aimed at an associate of “Lowrider Brims” subset of Bloods Jason Langhorn was driving with two others to Riverside Riverhead where they believed Trendell Walker was waiting. Unfortunately for Lacolla, when Walker did not show up they fired 39 rounds from three firearms from Jason Langhorn at Lacolla’s vehicle, which resulted in instantaneous killing.

In 2021, Langhorn pled guilty in federal court in Central Islip, New York for the shooting death of Thomas Lacolla and was sentenced to 27 years of incarceration with three years of supervised release as well as receiving a forfeiture payment of $30,000.

Personal Life

Thomas Lacolla was 27 when he was killed by gunfire from multiple gunshots. While serving time for drugs and weapons crimes, Thomas had only recently returned to the street at the time of his death.

The indictment alleges that Langhorn was associated with the “Lowrider Brims” subset of Bloods, a violent criminal enterprise operating for over 10 years in Riverhead area. Along with others in this group, he controlled local streets through violence and intimidation while selling cocaine, crack cocaine heroine and other illegal substances.

Langhorn joined other Bloods members at an address in Riverside to try to fulfill an order from their leader to kill Trendell Walker, an opponent in their ranks. Langhorn fired 39 rounds from three firearms into the vehicle occupied by Walker’s friend Thomas Lacolla before fleeing.

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