Thomas Linsk

Thomas Linsk is an acclaimed pianist, vocalist and composer in Chicago’s metro area who uses his talents to expand audiences’ artistic horizons and broaden artistic horizons for them.

She joined FremantleMedia North America in 2009 to oversee business and legal affairs related to alternative production. Since then, she has overseen multiple television shows under Telepictures’ banner.

Early Life and Education

Tom Linsk is one of Chicago’s premier musicians, known for his passion and boundless talent as a master of all genres – his performances can transform songs into expressions of genuine emotion that keep audiences spellbound! No matter if it be crowd favorites or contemporary tunes – audiences remain mesmerized.

Dr. Linsk made headlines when, at age 8, he accidentally broke his friend’s glasses by using money his mother had left for their African American cleaner, Pearl. This incident had a lasting impact upon him and would influence much of his subsequent decisions and life experiences.

Professional Career

Tom Linsk is an acclaimed Chicago-area musician, pianist, vocalist, and composer who has established himself as one of the premier musical artists in that city. His performances transform into expressions of genuine emotion that thrill audiences while his versatility extends from standards and jazz through rock and pop genres.

He has extensive experience playing in Broadway-style pit orchestras. He has performed in various productions such as “The Lion King”, “Shrek”, and “Dirty Dancing”, to name just a few. The list of his accomplishments is vast. He strives to expand his talents and broaden his artistic horizons; his passion for music coupled with a drive for advancement have established him as one of the world’s premiere musicians.

Personal Life

Tom Linsk brings all these qualities together effortlessly in every song he performs – passion, talent and an ability to engage audiences – making his performances unforgettable experiences for audiences everywhere. Every performance transcends music into an experience filled with emotion.

Since 2009, he has been a partner at Lockridge Grindal Nauen and practices primarily in health care, insurance, employment and products liability. Additionally, he serves on the Board of Directors for St. Paul Jewish Federation.

Wilson had lived in Oak Park since the early 1980s, where he met Linsk. As well as being an Oak Park resident himself, Wilson founded Community Response and actively served on several community boards; additionally he was typeset/proofreader for Windy City Times.

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