Thomas Lozick

Thomas Lozick lives and works in Solon, Ohio at Swagelok Company. He boasts 700 million professional contacts as well as extensive historical documents and family trees.

Lozick’s grandfather Fred Lennon co-founded the valve manufacturer with a $500 loan in 1947. Today, their family operates the Edward A. and Catherine L. Lozick Foundation which makes donations to various causes.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Lozick is Chairman of privately owned Swagelok, an Ohio-based manufacturer founded in 1947 that produces valves and fittings. As his grandfather Fred Lennon had done before him, Thomas Lozick continues his tradition by supporting Republican candidates such as Mitt Romney and John Boehner by contributing financially.

FORBES reported in 2002 that Catherine Lozick inherited an estimated 65% stake of Swagelok after the death of her father in 1986, remaining actively involved with its manufacturing of industrial valves and fittings while recently breaking ground for its global headquarters and innovation center in northeast Ohio.

She currently resides at 14620 Creek Club Dr, Alpharetta, Georgia 30004. Throughout her travels she has visited Roswell and Georgia; both she and her husband are active participants in local politics.

Professional Career

Thomas Lozick serves as chairman and chief executive officer for Swagelok Company, established in 1947 with over 5,700 employees and founded in Louisiana. Additionally, he sits on their Board of Directors as well as being past president of Swagelok Louisiana; one of their oldest authorized sales and service centers that offers products across transportation, power generation, oil & gas sectors and more.

He is proud to lead Swagelok as part of its third generation. He was instrumental in developing and expanding their global headquarters and innovation center located in northeast Ohio.

His family resides in Solon, Ohio where they are actively members of their church and enjoy traveling together as a family unit.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Lozick serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Swagelok Company, an industrial manufacturing enterprise founded in 1947. As the grandson of company founder Fred Lennon, Thomas has been with Swagelok for more than three decades.

He is widely credited with expanding Swagelok’s global presence and developing innovative new technology products, while growing its global presence and opening its headquarters in Solon, Ohio. Local and state officials recently joined Thomas Lozick, Cathey Lozick (daughter of company founder Fred Lennon) Edward H Kraus (mayor of Solon), Glenn Richardson from JobsOhio among others in celebrating its new headquarters and innovation center’s completion at an official ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate this event in northeast Ohio.

Personal Life

Thomas Lozick currently resides in Hoover, Alabama and serves as chairman and CEO of Swagelok Company, a privately owned manufacturer in Solon, Ohio. His tenure began on January 2020. Additionally, Thomas serves on its board.

The company recently laid the groundwork for their global headquarters and innovation center at 1069 Royal Mile in Birmingham, AL 35242 where they had previously been located.

Fred Lennon left William only $25 Million of his estate, giving Catherine Lozick most of the profits and leaving each of his grandchildren $150,000 each as inheritances.

The Lozicks own properties both in Florida and Ohio. Over time, they have donated to various Republican candidates and causes; their largest contribution being $61,600 made to Mitt Romney in 2012. Furthermore, this couple have several children together as well as operating the Edward A. and Catherine L Lozick Foundation, which holds $16.2 million worth of assets.

Net Worth

Lozick’s work at Swagelok isn’t his only philanthropic activity; together with Catherine, he and their foundation support causes in their local communities as well as those needing assistance elsewhere.

Fred Lennon established an enduring tradition by making donations to Republican political campaigns; their family has contributed over $1 Million since 1947 when Fred co-founded Swagelok valve-making company.

William Lozick left an estimated estate valued at approximately $2.1 billion to Catherine Lozick as part of a trust, instructing trustees to distribute it 21 years postmortem and give each of his grandchildren $50k each as stipulated in his trust agreement.

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