Thomas Mayhew

Thomas Mayhew

The Mayhew family was one of Boston’s most celebrated, known for its business success and charitable endeavours – not to mention its beautiful daughters.

Governor Thomas Mayhew was born March 31st 1593 in Tisbury, Wiltshire County England. He died 25 March 1682 in West Tisbury Dukes County Massachusetts.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Mayhew not only dedicated his life to business and political pursuits, but he was also involved in missionary work among the Wampanoags. He wrote tracts for the Society for Propagation of Gospel as well as founding a school specifically catering to Indian children. Through this outreach work he established friendly relations between native island peoples and his colony that would prevent conflicts that might have led to disaster for both sides.

He held firm to an ideal of religion without dogma or authority, which informed his strong views on politics as well. Because of this belief, he advocated for government that was free from higher authorities’ oppressive control. Unfortunately, in 1657 while sailing to England for missionary funds – combined with business concerns – he disappeared at sea while trying to reach England.

Professional Career

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He reportedly taught himself the Wampanoag language and became good friends with Hiacoomes, the first Wampanoag Christian convert on Martha’s Vineyard. Additionally, he wrote tracts for the Society for Propagation of Gospel in New England that supported his missionary efforts among natives on Martha’s Vineyard.

Banks states that Banks “stepped into the role of Island minister when no one else would.” There were few settlers living on an isolated island without much activity available to them, making life challenging without an island minister to lead and guide. He served in this capacity until being lost at sea on his journey back home to England in 1657.

Achievement and Honors

In 1750, Mayhew delivered a sermon that strongly opposed any submission to higher authorities without limitation; it became widely published and established him as an advocate of religious liberty.

Ferdinando Gorges was engaged in mission work, purchasing with Ferdinando Gorges and Henry Alexander, 3rd Earl of Sterling competing patents to Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and Elizabeth Island in 1641. In 1647 he sent forty English families led by his son to Martha’s Vineyard, which eventually became under their administration and their governorship.

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Personal Life

A family settled in Tisbury and two sailors testified during a lawsuit of 1632 that this nameless family traveled aboard the Lyon’s Whelp to New England.

Throughout his years on Vineyard, Governor Wilson established good relations with its Native population. He established separate civil and religious institutions while permitting local sachems to keep their distinct political organizations.

In 1641, Mayhew secured Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and Elizabeth Islands as a proprietary colony and began missionary work among native peoples despite his declining fortunes. In 1657 he traveled back to England on a voyage that combined fundraising appeals for missionary causes with personal business – however his ship went down at sea during this journey.

Net Worth

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Mayhew obtained the rights to Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and Elizabeth Islands from Ferdinando Gorges and Earl Stirling in 1641 and sent his son Thomas as governor with forty English families to Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and Elizabeth Islands. Although Thomas maintained generally good relations with native populations while permitting sachems to continue with their original political institutions; his efforts at Christianizing Indians nevertheless began immediately.

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