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Shoppers looking for variety when selecting their meat case are in luck; Thomas Foods has something suitable to meet their shopping style – no matter whether it be dinner for an eager family in an instant, or something more thoughtful that takes more time and searching. Whatever it may be, Thomas foods has a product to meet all your needs!

Early Life and Education

Thomas was born in London, Ontario to Moses Wilson and Mary Ann Higgins of Canada and immigrated with them to Chicago Illinois when he was nine. Once graduated high school he began work for both Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad as well as Morris & Company which provided meat packing services.

While working in the restaurant business, he became interested in cooking. Determined to pursue this interest further, he attended Palm Beach Junior College where he studied culinary techniques while understanding that his true education would come through working at great restaurants and their kitchens. Furthermore, he became Manager for a meat packing plant before going on to become Vice President and eventually President of it all.

Professional Career

Some families seek out meat proteins with specific attributes like grass-fed or organic to ensure a more healthful meal at their table, while others are in a rush to prepare a fast dinner after school and before bedtime.

Davis earned bachelor’s degrees in agriculture science and education, along with master’s and doctorate degrees in meat science from Washington State University. While in academia, Davis coached Washington State’s first national champion meat judging team while also helping Texas Tech build one – now boasting 16 national championships!

Martin will oversee all purchasing, processing, distribution and sales operations within the company, while also providing leadership and managing those functions as well as devising strategies to strengthen customer relationships and services.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Food International is Australia’s premier family-owned meat processing company, exporting 80% of their product and playing an influential role in global markets. Furthermore, they employ over 2000 staff.

The company has received several prestigious awards and honors for its exceptional achievements, while its founders were each individually recognized for their significant contributions to the industry.

Mike and Merlyn Eickman are not only members of the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA), but are also founders and past presidents of Illinois Association of Meat Processors (AAMP). Tom, Katie, and their two young children help run the business today as Tom continues his father’s legacy by running it alongside Katie as its operator.

Personal Life

Thomas hails from Seattle and earned both his Bachelor’s of Arts in History from the University of Washington and Juris Doctor degree at Seattle University School of Law. Additionally, Thomas volunteers as part of King County Bar Association’s Neighborhood Legal Clinic where he offers assistance to those unable to afford legal counsel.

David is also an active supporter of the USO, hosting numerous fundraisers on their behalf in recent years. When not fundraising, David enjoys playing sports and spending time outdoors in the Pacific Northwest.

Additionally, Thomas Foods International – run by his son Darren and dedicated to processing meat and vegetables – is another important family business he owns and runs successfully. Sustainability, strong business models, and adaptability are the cornerstones of success according to him.

Net Worth

Thomas Foods International is one of Australia’s largest family-owned meat processors, offering processing, chilling or freezing, distribution and sales. Starting with cattle feedlot near Tintinara all the way through processing to distribution – Thomas is vertically integrated from start to finish!

TFI’s Darren Thomas states their main priority is adding value to the supply chain. That is why they are investing $300 million to construct a plant at Murray Bridge to replace a fire-damaged facility which processed 1200 cattle per day.

Thomas Bagwell is estimated to be worth an estimated estimated worth of over one billion, thanks to his sale of American Proteins to Tyson Foods. Additionally, he is known as an active philanthropist through The Chantal and Tommy Bagwell Foundation, Inc. which donates funds towards various causes.

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