Thomas Nestor

Tom Nestor serves as executive vice president and CFO for Wolters Kluwer Financial & Corporate Compliance (FCC). In this capacity he oversees FCC’s lending, investment, and regulatory compliance solutions to banks and financial institutions worldwide.

He blends humor, powerful storytelling and cutting-edge business savvy to show leaders how to build high-trust cultures in their organizations.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Nestor was born to a family of farmers in Coolcappa, Rathkeale County Limerick Ireland. A quiet goal-oriented person, Thomas was determined to reach his goals early on. At 17 he relocated to Parkersburg West Virginia for high school and college studies.

As part of their effort to enhance working conditions at Eisendrath Glove Factory, female employees decided to form their own union separate from male cutters – with Nestor as leader taking on this responsibility.

Nestor was an attentive son, brother, parent and grandparent who put his family first. An avid collector of antiques, he also loved animals – especially dogs! A member of Shenandoah 500 Club and FOP Lodge #25 as well as AFSCME Local.

Professional Career

Thomas Nestor is an award-winning author and professional speaker, known for presenting to thousands of people across the country with keynote talks, leadership training seminars and hundreds of presentations for Tony Robbins.

He serves as executive vice president and chief financial officer at Wolters Kluwer Financial & Corporate Compliance (FCC), providing lending, investment and regulatory compliance solutions to banks, legal entities, small businesses and law firms. Prior to joining FCC he held senior roles with its predecessor divisions.

This case was brought by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Pennsylvania’s Middle District as part of their district wide heroin initiative. A federal judge will impose their sentence; with up to 40 years imprisonment possible.

Achievement and Honors

Tom developed an ambitious goal-oriented outlook at an early age. He put forth hard work and took advantage of opportunities that presented themselves in order to find success as both a tennis player and beer wholesaler.

He currently ranks 10th on the all-time ATP doubles title list and has spent over 300 weeks ranked within the top 10. His accomplishments include four Wimbledon Championships, two Australian Open titles and three Masters 1000 tournament victories.

Thomas is a motivational speaker renowned for sharing his life story and message of inspiration to audiences worldwide. Quick-witted yet kindhearted, Thomas delivers high impact presentations for Fortune 500 companies, high schools and colleges, entrepreneurs and leaders across North America each year – as well as being trained by Tony Robbins himself! He speaks annually to thousands across America.

Personal Life

Thomas Nestor is an award-winning author, business owner, and keynote speaker who blends humor with powerful storytelling to deliver an inspiring yet educational message of leadership. Based in Tinley Park, IL with his wife, daughters and doberman; Thomas loves home improvement projects while cheering for Phillies and Eagles games.

Anthony Robbins trained him and has featured him as a keynote speaker for Fortune 500 Companies, High Schools and Colleges alike. Over 300 presentations across all 50 states and author of LIFE 180 are delivered annually by him – quickly entertaining audiences with his energetic style and captivating message!

Net Worth

Thomas Nestor has not married nor had any children yet. As a Canadian professional tennis player he has participated in both Davis Cup and Olympic doubles competitions.

At the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, he and Sebastien Lareau won Canada’s inaugural gold medal as a team. Additionally, he earned numerous ATP Tour titles during his career alongside Mark Knowles, Luke Saville, and Matwe Middelkoop partners.

Nestor has been involved in several lawsuits with other businesspeople and is an active social worker. At present, he is engaged in an ongoing disagreement with George Ekonomou over property ownership matters; earlier this month he filed suit alleging stalking by Ekonomou.

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