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Thomas Newberry Net Worth – Who is Tom Newberry?

Thomas Newberry is an author and designer of motivational books and programs for improving business performance. Additionally, he serves as an entrepreneur and business consultant.

He has made several trades of American Software stock, most recently exercising 9,180 units worth over $654 thousand. Furthermore, he has written many articles and books pertaining to Bible related subjects.

Early Life and Education

Newberry was raised in a middle-class family, struggling with discrimination faced by blacks during his life. Although he eventually managed to attend a Catholic seminary, due to their passive position regarding civil rights he ultimately gave up his dream of becoming priest.

At around age 28, he began studying Hebrew and Greek so he could better interpret Scripture in its original languages – an endeavor which would become his life’s work.

Alongside his scholarship, Locke also published children’s books. One such title was A Little Pretty Pocket-Book featuring both boys’ (ball) and girls’ (pincushion) elements to appeal to parents who shared Lockean ideals of education through amusement.

Professional Career

Tom Newberry was an esteemed and compassionate psychiatrist, known for his specialty of treating veterans. He served at several VA hospitals nationwide, treating children and adults alike with dignity and understanding. Since 1971 he had been a proud member of Antwerp Drum and Bugle Corps; working at Northup Equipment Watertown NY during five summers; as well as enjoying golf and NY Giants football!

Collegiately, he had an outstanding football and track and field career at UW-L. While at UW-L he became four time NCAA Division III national shot put champion as well as winning consecutive Wisconsin State University Collegiate Conference (WSUC) shot put championships. Additionally he competed in discus and hammer events before being selected by Los Angeles Rams as part of their 1986 NFL draft and playing 10 seasons including Super Bowl XXX.

Achievement and Honors

Newberry was an All-American offensive guard at West Virginia University and had an 11 year NFL career with both Los Angeles Rams and Pittsburgh Steelers, reaching two Pro Bowl appearances as a starting guard and being part of Super Bowl XXX team for Pittsburgh.

He was also honored with the Ideal Mountaineer Award, given out annually at West Virginia University and honoring students who possess all of the qualities that make it great – academic excellence, leadership in both athletics and non-athletic environments, as well as perseverance when facing difficulties.

Newberry was well known for his achievements on both sides of the football field; in addition, he wrote numerous books and lectured widely about topics related to the Bible. Perhaps his most well-known work, published in 1892 and entitled “Tabernacle and Temple: Original Scriptures and Their Symbolism,” remains his most acclaimed work.

Personal Life

Newberry was an impressive and esteemed psychiatrist who dedicated his professional life to caring for military veterans at VA hospitals. Additionally, he earned accolades as a college track and field athlete by winning three Western State University of Colorado Shot Put Championships during 1984 and 1985, along with All-WSUC and All-American honors.

Newberry was passionate about Bible, and wanted its details to be easily comprehended by students of any background. His goal wasn’t to add his personal opinions into its pages but to make the text itself self-explanatory as far as possible.

His careful study of Hebrew and Greek texts rendered the Bible more accessible for English readers and helped them better comprehend God’s Word. His masterpiece, The Englishman’s Bible, remains a classic today.

Net Worth

Wiki and other online sources estimate Tom Newberry’s net worth as being between $1-5 Million, having made this money through his primary career in American Football.

Newberry was born December 20, 1962 in Onalaska, Wisconsin. He played guard for 10 seasons in the NFL for both Los Angeles Rams and Pittsburgh Steelers as well as college football at Wisconsin-La Crosse.

Newberry, as the director of American Software Inc, has made multiple trades of AMSWA stock over time according to Form 4 filings with the SEC, most recently exercising 9,180 units on 14 June 2021. He owns one company outright while his current salary remains unknown; details regarding his private life remain private.

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